Time spent with a drill. I ofter change my routine to fit my feelings and how I am at the moment. The time set for each drill though should be enough for you to learn from and not too much so you are begining to repeat yourself. It is not a matter of chalanges but of learning. If for example, you do a drill where one hits and the other evades and strikes on the same step/breath/body turn than you can continue learning from just that for a long time. It is good to introduce continious work or more types of hits but it is the basic understanding of your movement which is growing. Not a set of moves. Think for example of the internet guros which specify a fixed set of exercises that will set you free, make you strong as a tiger in 44 minutes and you will never want anything else again. They pose a lesson too. If you believe something that does not come from your experience than you are blind to the world in some way. Go ahead and make a list of nifty exercises that need to be done in a sequence and only you can sell this piece of paper. Does that make sense ? By doing the work we grow and by doing good work we grow up.
After a shower hold on with the towel for a minutes and jump up as you let the arms and legs flail, twist your spine on the vertical axis and le it all hang out. It will ease a lot of water off you and keep the towel more sanitary and will drop the tension off you like a charm. To get things going count to 100 using your breath as rythem and let the impact of your feet with the ground exhale for you. This is a great way to learn hitting and getting hit. And a happy new year to any of my clan who is reading Smile
In and out of a car: A few of us have cars or drive cars from work. When we are in the car and we mind that the doors are locked we are safe from low level attacks like shouting and spitting and the untrained hand. most windows will give under a metal pipe or a well aimed sharp object at the sides of the window (hitting the middle will just make it look bad) The most open we are is when we enter and get out of the car or lean to get something in or out of it. Night closes in on your zone of awareness and it is best to park were there is light or have a strong light in the car. it can also be used to blind a person at night if you have a powerfull flashlight in the car (not to mention as a club) Look around before you start the in and out (a mugger will prefer someone who is not alert anyway even if you don’t see her or him) Have the key in your hand or at least put one hand on the steering wheel for balance and do it swiftly so you reach a better position with the car locked and you out and unlimbered. This is the same as crossing an open field that cannot be flanked. If you have to do something dangerous you better lessen the time you spend weak. You can also use the door as a shield and as a ram. If someone grabs the door you can leave it and go into the car if you feel confident or have a shovel or something else to teach manners. If you have more than one person in the car than you can work as a team with one person coming out and only than the other, the same as in covering someone elses position in the field or spotting shots in the hunt. If you are taken by surprise you can respond with one of your own like mace attacked to the roof of the car or an ice pick to the back of the hand that grabbs you (if the police comes you will not be sorry to see a 150$ knife taken away … and the back of the hand is very sensitive to cuts and stabs as there is very little meat and a lot of tendons and bone so it is HARD on hard in the worst way for the attacker, the same as a knife to the skull or the spine or top of the foot) If you are sitting and he is outside than you can use your leverage to kick the shins from under him or the knees if possible. If he already grabbed the wheel or seat belt than you can move up a lever and if lets say his hand is on the wheel than you move his elbow to the frame of the door and he will be motivated to let go to avoid getting his joints broken. Anothe motivation can be to pull one part as you push another. Grab his hair (can’t do that to me Cool) as you push his knee away with the flat of your foot and as his structure is altered twist the head and close the door on him or better drive away screaming like a banshee (it reminds you to breath ! and can also wake you and others up. A pro will be silent unless he is playacting a person who is begging for money to get you to open the window or the like, Trust your feelings and don’t worry about looking unkind or harsh. In the end of the day you make the choices)
This is a focused trick but you can manage to elaborate it toward anything. hang yourself by one hand and stay there. As you are loosing your grip and focus don’t tense up. Instead become more aware to your hand. Be aware to the sense of each finger on all their sides. the palm and wrist.  This activation makes the hand full and you will fing yourself able to do things your thought impossible. (Does not include flying !)
This is another nice drill. Stand close to each other either facing or otherwise and start to hit the no no spots gently. For a man this means the center of the behind, the penis and in some cases the face depending on the culture you grew up in. For ladies it’s usually the behind in open hand hits, the breasts and between the legs. The reason I am listing examples is just to show different people have different ideas of what you can and cannot do. I won’t come to a student on the first lesson and lift him by the balls (had it done to me, not nice) you have to be sensitive to this and try to hit with breath pauses and check if you can see the pulse or feel it on the surface. This is subtle but important. A hit in the right timing is better than hitting hard without sensitivity. 

I have already wrote about walking on your feet and fists and I want to write again on how great this is. It teaches you to rely on your structure becasue we are not built to travel that way so we tire. The same way we tire if we walk hunched or without rytheming with your breath. Now as you are on all 4s Regulate each step with your breath. Walk softly and make as little noise as possible. If you need rest than rest in this position and this will motivate you. See if you can travel with your trunk aligned  or do you navigate with your hips or shoulders ? Can you change course using both ? This is great to release all the levers as you are actually levering yourself to some extant with the ground and it’s normal so next time someone levers you you will not get too exited. 

 To deal with a knife that is swift and at you like someone swinging his blade from side to side to fast for you to even see the blade well go for the higher lever like the elbow or knee or whatever suits your way of movement. You can also use distance to your advantage as the other person is deep in the close zone you can hit him with a chair or a broom or your jacket and even shout or spit on him. Moving from the body is even more important in this situation as you have to present a front that may be cut but you must avoid being stabed in the trunk. Don’t think a cut to the hand is easy either. You have to be determined to survive and act ruthlesly. If he wants to show off by stabing you a few times that is where he is right now. Don’t be angry with him becasue this is not about you. Don’t pity him either since this is his choice for the moment. Hit him hard and take the spirit away from him, Better he loose an eye or break a knee than you getting internal blood leaking on your insides. It’s simple.

Shifting your mass about: Start prone on the ground with your face up. Now press your behind to the ground and check if you can move your legs and upper body more easily from that central pivot point. Now press the shoulders down or one shoulder and coil your body to that point as if you are a baby. sleeping on it’s side. Now do the same thing with one ankle and your behind and see how you can gain freedom in the upper body using this method of mass shifting and pivoting. Try to move without attacking the gravity but playing with it and using it to your advantage. If you are coming down from a sitting position you can use that force to turn from back to belly using breath and a small tilt of the hips. another thing that will help you reach this freedom is to stand with heels touching and feet to the sides on the same line. Try to balance as you do this and realx. This frees the hips and is a lot of fun to wobble around.
For linus: The bunny fist is not a push up. Consider the spring that goes down the stairs… This is the same using the human body. You bring your mass forward to rest on the arms in a low handstands and use the elastic energy you create to send the feet forward or roll the hips from above the heels and use the displacement to create the same motion. here is the sequence: You squat and lower your fists to the ground in front of you. Now you transfer the mass so you go to a handstand with bent legs and let the legs come down between the fists on the floor. as the hips come down to rest on the heels you use that energy to send the upper body forward and do this again. The acrobatics which are low are not the goal here. It’s the softness for touching the ground with the fists and the lack of noise. Most people clank and crack even with padded soles on their feet. This is very hard on the spine and your general health so learn to walk softly and use this too to enhance your awareness to the placement of body part in relation to other body parts and how this can give you a lot of freedom. I will post a vid on Utube soon so if there are any requests that I can do I will be glad to hear from you all.
The bunny fist !!! OK just kidding but smiling makes you relax and for chicks makes them more attractive so why not ? Squat on your heels or flat on the feet as you wish and place your fists on the sides of the heels. Now either inhale or exhale as it is natural for you and bring your upper body over your shoulders as you let the arms bend a little as springs to make the mass into elastic power. now bring your legs back and place them as far as it is comfortable and let the hip recoil to over the heels and bring the upper body after it and again place the fists at the side of the heels. Do that a few times (10 is for little girls and 1,000,000 is for people who have a too much free time) and reverse the order. The intent of this exercise which makes it more than just moving is the placement of the body parts in an angle or straight under or over another body part. This is a very easy way to alighn yourself and can be used to create a spring or whip motion (I like the whip analogy better) by cascading the change here and there.
A bit of leg work. Find a sturdy chair and stand with your toes touching it. (working bare foot increases your sensitivity) Jump onto the chair and back or farward and back if you can and try to minimize your movement. Check how you can use the arms to propel yourself forward and up if you need to and breath so you are able to transfer the wave. This is a push to the ground like a push up with the feet. Check your leg position. Toes pointing forward or to the sides ? At what angle or each feet to another direction ? Try jumping on one foot and holding the other with your hands either forward or backwards and see how this promotes relaxation or exhustion… Tense up one part like the neck and jump and go over the body with this to see what happens. Does hard ground promote honesty ?