The three step. Stand with hips beneath your shoulders (sounds easy right ?) and take a step doing a 90 degree pivot with one leg and than with the other and again. Choose sides at will and from time to time do a 180 turn. Keep your frame (here I go again) from tilting to the side you are turning to or twisting in delay. Once you can do this relaxed do it without stopping for a few minutes to learn to move well and not get woosy. Now comes the oriented part, as someone comes to you use this to to naturally and without hurry go to his back and don’t stop there. You can add a hit or somehting else but don’t aim in your mind to reach a goal. Fighting and life is a moving affair and if you stay in place you are moving backwards or worse….
Try this. One hits two and two lets the hit move him by power of the hit itself or by recognizing the fear in himself and choosing to move (it is important to choose your action rather than react so you are not cought in a loop of overreacting and end up cold and ugly in a small grave) as you move you use that movement to hit back on the same rythem of one. As one hits you move as errr one and hit back on the same timing. Consider a movement to the side to avoid a hit to the face and as you rotate (and keep your frame upright) you allow the forearm to move up and hit number on on his side. On a side note russian ballet manuals are a great source of grace and power and beauty but the translation to English is noticble. have fun and keep an open mind.
Recognise where and when you are. This is easy to feel with a few examples. Consider you are in a new job and are used to doing things one way. It is obvious that keeping your old habits like a comfortable shirt with no added value will not aid you. If you are in a seminar and want to gain something from it outside of parading your system and ego adapt to the rules and guides given by the eyes and ears and anything else. A bulge in one side of the stomach is not the gut but maybe a cellphone or a gun so don’t hit there with your hard knuckles. A person who strides with a oudioble sound is wearing a certain type of shoes or is heavy in some way. If you hear a scrape of metal behind you, don’t be brave, look and this also tells you something about the commitment of the person behind you.  Matelic taste in your mouth can be the residue of gunfire on an inclose. We feel a lot more than our mind lets us know if that makes sense or not. Undressing the world from the picture we want it to be allows us to see more with every breath. 
I spotted a skeleton moth just now which is a jiant moth with a white skull on it’s back. just like the one from silence of the lambs… hello Claris and all. This reminds me of your tone and fieldcraft in turn. Pick a quiet spot and start talking to each other as you move further away. Start to wisper from time to time and you will see that the voice carries more in this way which is counter productive for you. Try to talk normally but with less power and lower. The human ear catches less of the lower pitch sounds and wispering brings it up a notch if you will. Also acting normally calms the mind and body even brain wave lower to alpha while in pursuit and it can have an effect on sensitive pray. 
A not so nice way to learn to move efficiently is the cross hands or scissor hands. Try this in twos or more. One person evades while staying close as possible (obviously being at your friends back is close but somewhat more advantagous) the other starts using straight hands hits from above and from the side (cross) with intent to hit. It can also come from below or from side to side as long as they remain on these main axis. You will get bonked as you do this and this time you are not to deflect with your hands at all. In fact keep them at your sides or at the lower back. This is somewhat frustrating but beneficial. Keep your form and relaxation in the shoulders and hips. Your head held so you can see and hear and your breath in tune with what is going on. From time to time the windmill guy can use another hit to keep from stagnating such as a leg hit, a head but and so on. 10 minutes a day for 95 years will bring you to old age as I am told…
Another thing to test next time. If someone is falling and you want to make sure he stays there simply drop on his ribs or head (or whatever) with your knee and so forth. This is especially right is someone is doing a balistic roll and wants to take you with him. A slap on the top of the head can shake that idea right off in most cases.
I started taking cold showers a few months ago and today it reminded me of a funny story with a moral to it. We had just returned from three days of an operation in the mountains full of melting snow and high winds. We were called with no preparation time so we were there for three days and two nights with wet cotton clothes, wool hats and leather gloves. We obviously wanted a hot shower after that and when we found out there is only cold water we weren’t happy. I checked out the frost bite on my reproduction system (very important for a 19 year old) and as we trembled under the cold water one brave guy (not me) had the guts to say “F#@$% this I am cold and wet” We burst out laughing and felt a lot better from that. There are times to be calm and times to let things out.  Oh and there was no lasting damage to my reproduction system Innocent
A little tip you may already know: If we practice a muscle contraction in a certain pose (let’s say stomach wall contraction while standing up which is important to high jumps and other things ) that the ability to create the effect is not only dependent on your pose as in relation to the position of the rest of the body but also to your plane. It will not generate the specific effect while in the push up position due to mass shifts and obvious muscle activation which is a subsequent of this. In short: To have whole movement practice in all shapes and planes. 
If you have to crawl very low try this idea and the rest will fall into place. Lie flat and extend your hands forward on the ground palms on the ground. flex your heels and toes so they go into the earth and start to rotate your forehand (turning the palms out like letting a butterfly free) so the action translates through the elbows to shoulders coming up like a winding spring. As you do this the body floats on the preset heels and you don’t create noise of drag. Now smile and do it again.

a very simple dril: Try take downs or rolling or any other thing that comes to mind with this add on: Hold a book (which you own!) or a water bottle or somethin between the arm and the body, the neck and the shoulder, between your legs and so on. Do this as you are doing regular stuff at home such as cooking or practicing the dword …

On another topic try this: We all did the forward roll from knees to chest without hands bracing. It is a step toward getting over your fears of a future in male modeling Cool Instead of rolling forward thinking the knees are set you can also take the knees back or to the sides and lower your hips in a straight line to the floor. if you are practicing restraints than it gives you an unexpected adge other the person looking for the familiar. You can even take hip with you.