Learn to relax and balance in this simple drill: Stand on one leg (or hand if you are on the moon) and close your eyes. After a few seconds depending on your state you will start to feel more of the balancing acts of the body as the eyes arn’t there to do their regular job. Try for some time 10-30 minutes and as you do it enjoy an audio track you enjoy like a Russian learning course segment or your favorite band
One simple way to learn proper movement is to lie on the ground and have a friend take one limb and start walking and changing directions as he pleases. You have to act so you are not dragged or torqued on the floor without resloting to walking of the three remaining limbs. Change places and see how you can best navigate with the limb without loosing your balance and relaxation. The same can be done with three using two limb as long as you don’t decide to start a rope pulling contest seriously… 
Another interesting way to learn good posture is to sit crossed legged in front of each other and trade strikes. Very soon you find the openings slumped shoulders leave and the pit a croocked lower back create. Do this face to face, side to side and at ones back and you will learn good posture and also learn to move efficiently with the limitations this way of sitting down brings (smart movement). Knock yourself out (could not ressist)
A good way to learn to move well and hit well: Stand head to head and hit each other below the sight line. You have to keep the shoulders calm and below the line people see when they look straight ahead. Next put arm on arm in the known palm hit game and attempt to hit without allerting the otheryou are about to leave the support. Next stand with arms straight with one person with his arms inside and the other outside.You push each other and without altering your direction hit the body, head and limbs. Next stand back to back at one pace distance and hit each other without stepping closer. Remember not to give of your alignment to change anothers. Now you can play either side by side or by three’s alternating the middle. You can have fun by doing this with one standing and the other squating. Both squating or on the ground. Many people forget to hit once they are closer to the ground and think they have to wrestle. Use whatever you can to live a moral life.
Relaxing and letting the lower back align. If you feel tension in the lower back and are stuck at an arch down there. Try getting into a prone position on the ground with your back on the ground. Now relax your legs so they turn out (ballet talk for legs together straight and feet pointing to the sides with hips, knees and ankles together) now rotate the legs one by one inward and outward while still straight as you are slowly aligning and freeing the tensed back on the ground like an anreveling film. Advance to knees coming up and going across the othe knee and back and finish with leg straight from the hip coming to the opposite side hand now outstreatched to the side (think: the hills are alive with the sound of music) Once this is done you should have a relaxed lower back. Repeat the drill while on your stomach and enjoy how you interpet the moves by yourself.
Protection is usually a case of replacing some of your points of protection with another in the inner circle or the people who are close to the VIP. The most obvious is the term body guard which means a moving guard in human form.  For people who work other jobs the protection comes in handy for friends and family. You protect your children and your work mates from different reasons than a pro so you need to be aware of that too. Most of the attacks are made in points of weakness. When the mark is moved from A to B and the same happens in daily life. A mugger will attack you when you are holding two baskets in each hand and trying to open the car door in bad lighting. On the other hand you need stay awake in your home and in other places considered safe haven. Putting a tag on something does not make it so and that applies to many things. For example if you are able to run fast and still shoot accuratly means nothing a month later if you do not maintain yourself. As for your tools, many rely on a handgun or a knife of some kind. If you do own or have one train with what will be at your disposal but remember to still be able to improvise. A good pen in the pocket on flight will do more than a handgun in your luggage (also cheaper). You need the help of the VIP to avoid lose in any situation. Sometimes hitting the VIP to agree is an option if let’s say they wish to play Rambo and “take care of business” against and unknown who said something about his ancestors. To start your awareness and good work with people simply work in pairs in a crowd. Walk and have one place a barrier between a set type of people. It has to be non agressive and not noticble. For example streatching to change someones path to your VIP as he window shops and the choice of people to avoid should change too. Try avoiding pregnent women or women with small children. Than old men with hats. It will allow you to see everyone in the crowd over time since you evolve past the Terrorist in black masks hype the movies love so much. Also you will know how to work with all types of crowds and develop your way or resolving issues without aggresion. Enjoy the air conditioning at the mall but adapt to the glare of the sun before hand. Put your shades on before you step out. Just a reminder.
Perception and posture. Jest as we can put our hips under our shoulders for alignment (try it) we can also put the shoulder blades back in the seath of the flesh for a balance between the forward and backward pull of the shoulders. Check if the blades are sticking out of the long muscles of the back. If they do, breath in and let the breath bring your solar plexus up. As you exhale let the shoulders drop back and the bones will align so you are naturally balanced both on the vertical and horizontal planes. To gain more awareness in this hold forearm to forearm at the front and pull back through your body. After that place the arms in the same fashion at the back and pull foreward. This will awaken your sence of balance and constant activation of the balance and structure muscles. If you stand tall than they work the least and you are free to move. Even when we sit, the distance between us and the desk or keyboard can casue strain. Adjust so you can sit in front of the computer and read the blog without overreaching with your shoulders. Just like striking. The shoulder needs to be relaxed.