I write a lot about tension here and this one is particular for women in the family way. 10 simple drills which are easy and almost no knowledge is needed to perform them safely for all concerned. First and most important COTINUE to breath no matter what is happening. Don’t listen breathless to pain or any other stimulent. Breath !

1 sit on a chair with both feet flat on the ground and place your closed fist on the sides of the spine on your lower back. Inhale and press them in enough to straighten the spine and relax as you exhale. Repeat this 5-6 times.

2 Place your hands on the insides of the knees as you are still sitting in the same position. Inhale and try to seperate the knees with the hands as the legs resist. You don’t move in this drill, just push one part against another and the result is relaxation in the middle. Repeat once or twice. 

3 Place your forearm horizontally to the ground on your back and start to rotate your shoulder in big circles coordinated with your breath. 10 to each direction with each hand will relax the shoulder girdle a lot.

4 place your palms on the back of your head and bring the neck forward as the head and neck relaxes. follow this by bringing the chin in as you maintain the position of the head 2-3 times. Do not tense the muscles just use them to move.

At Home:

 5 Sit on your shins and place your hands on a near wall with an upright back. have a friend put his weight on your calf muscles gently a few times till you feel some pressure. Do this up to 2 minutes and don’t be afraid to put some mass on the muscles. It will release a lot of tension and you may even sweat. 

6 Sit on a chair and have your friend place his hands on your shoulders. Now arch your back forward and backwards as you breath and your friend will press down your shoulders so they remain in the same hight. It is exellent for people who carry a lot of mass around all day like soldiers and women in the family way.

7 lie on your back and have your partner take one leg or hand and slowly take it toward the body until you slowly roll over to the stomach. Your job here is to relax and let the body slowly unfold WITH the help of the hand or leg being the pivot point.

8 Do the same from back position

9 Lie on your back (on your bed if possible or a soft carpet) and have your partner lift your legs and  pull them away so your back flattens on the ground and than your body moves a little too. Do it once and slowly.

10 Lie on your stomach and have you partner lift both your legs till the upper back arches. slowly and gently and remember to breath at all times.

Good luck. 

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