Shaking: When we are afraid and we all are sometimes it has an effect on the body and an imbalance is created. We shake or tremble out of fear and that shaking allows the residue of the fear to flow away and give way to balance again. If you are feeling stiff or afraid you can move this feeling away by willing the body to shake and tremble by your own volition. It is the same as speeding up the breath intensionally to avoid breath holding or fatigue. Try shaking the limbs first. Imagine you are after a shower and there is no towel so you have to shake the water away. Next go to the torso and shake the hips the ribcage and shoulders. Last shake the head keeping from overdoing things. Look at yourself in the mirror, you may get a good laugh and that is never a bad thing.
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Tension wave sequence

Expectations have a hold on us many times in the sense that we prepare and act a certain way even if the sensory input is different. We tend to create a reality out of expectations and our ego. Rationalization of why and what are among them too. Try this for example. Come to a heavy door or a heavy object to move like a sofa and push or pull. Notice if your body tenses in expectation to the resistance you expect or do you start moving and choose the right amount of activation for the work. This is in simple terms a description of how we fall into beliefs and the like. Learn what works best for you and make a choice. Choose the way of the king.

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It is very hard to hide your intension from people even though many try so it will work better to have good intensions. consider this drill. have two people in front of you and a few behind you. The people behind you attack at some manner and your job is to read what you can from the people with the line of sight to the attack and survive. Another way to go is to have a group go outside of a room and decide who the attacker will be (or several…) Than you go back to the room and read by the movement and face who will the attacker be. Keep mobile and safe.
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This is a drill that demands trust. Lodge a real blade and press it into the cavity of the hip or shoulder of your partner and than have them manouver without being hurt. It is a way to teach yourself movement as a whole and relaxation under tension. You have to adjust your breathing first as in any pressure enviroment and than the gates open for movement.
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A good drill for efficient movement. Take a staff and start swinging and moving and have the others try to take you out (no sharpies) This is simple and will teach you to place yourself well. A few hits will teach you to move without stopping and to use your steps wisely as you cannot cheat with speed against a long weapon. Don’t be fancy just move.
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Hello all. 

I was at a MA forum meeting today and we had three good teachers and a lot of good people to train and talk with. One thing which was unique to this meeting was training with practice swords of the European design and working “full speed” with them. The swords and lances were of a special design which is rigid enough to mimic the real thing but with a coat which made them less harmful. I found it very hard to leave my habit of working slower when with edged tools and learn a good lesson about habits and who serves who. there are two main fears in this type of practice. Hurting someone else and getting hurt and I was afflicted by the first due to my past using sharp steel and wood.  I was surprised by how rigid the practice of keeping the other safe is deep within me. I have something to think about during this Saturday Fast.

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Hello everyone. I was working and a little away from a keyboard.

 In systema we find stability within movement. Try a few drills to bring this part of you to the surface. Take a staff or a regular broom, the intention of the drill is what matters and hold it so it touches a point on the wall or better a partner. Now start moving around while keeping the staff aimed on the target. squat and walk low, roll and advance in any way you can while maintaining this focus within you. Now have the partner move slowly at first as you maintain a focus. have others disrupt you by attack with whips (climbing rope lengths with a knot at the end ..) and so on so you remain free from fixation and are able to work freely.

Another nice drill is to have two or more partners throw balls at you. Evade and keep moving as you manouver to the better position each moment. Do not strive to reach to safety. Safety is what comes after the work is done so keep working till the end and always stay free. The work ends on the last breath as you already know. 

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when working with tools like a sword or a staff mind these things for starters:

You are hitting the others and taking their movement into account.

you are defending yourself with your movement and than with the tool.

You only stop moving when you stop breathing. 

On another note, even on busy days there are a few minutes here and there for the nicer things in life. a few minutes of rolling on the ground, a good read that opens your mind, a service for another without any profit for you… 

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A few simple pointers for better shooting:

Bring the sight in line with the eye/body and not the other way around.

Shoot on the stable point. Sometimes moving is the stable point.

Practice drawing and shooting on one leg. Most shooting is done while in movement and it is standing on one leg.

Always but always look for more in the scene. Once you see the first you continue to look for the next. The ones you don’t see are the most dangerous.

Don’t get into a position. Move like you breath without stopping.

Be able to use both hands.

Keep both eyes open to see more and be more relaxed and balanced.

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