A good drill to learn to relax and do the logical thing in a possible situation. This evening in class I handed out large plastic bags and we sneaked on each other as we walk (An important thing is to avoid any intent and just do the work, otherwise it is noticble in both your work and a tell for the partner) you wrap the bag swiftly over the head of the partner and lead him to a spot (to mimic a kidnapping and so on) and the job is simply to survive and see what doors are open to walk through. One particular way is to ride the arms that are around you to the people around you and feel your way from there. 
A good drill for the entire body: First walk up and down the wall with your fists facing the wall and than with your back to the wall. Next change the distance to the wall and vary it each time and learn to adapt and use what you have well and in a relaxed manner (effective and efficient). next lie with your feet touching the wall and climb it with your feet (mind the paint) both facing and and looking away to the wall. This is a good drill to learn to move with confidence and balance in an unsusual situation and you can add rolls to it to help relax the body. The purpose it to know yourself in different situations and grow healthier not to overcome yourself. 
Anoher example of an already explained principle: If we have some support we tend to relax toward it in movement and in static contact. For example lie on your stomach and clasp your hands together. Now lift up from the back and check how free you are. Next place the palms or fists at the small of the back and check how the movement changes. Once you experience a movement you can progress from there and learn more. This of course applies to all things.
Start from the push up position and start to count your breaths, Every 10 you drop to a push up and back (make sure you relax so the body massages the ground throughout) and repeat for as much as you wish. 30 push ups like this are more than 30 straight ones.
A fun if a bit crazy looking drill for your freedom of movement: Stand on one leg and start clapping your hands in front and high behind you and bring the leg forward and backwards as the hands move. You don’t need too much space to relax and this is a good start. You can add hoppin or changing legs or switching mid air if you like. 
A simple drill for relaxation: Place your fist on the wall and lean into it. Let the fist relax enough that the mass is devided well and the force is toward the wall and not toward keeping the fist together. Now with your other fist massage the arm and shoulder muscles in the right places (start from 1/3 up and down the muscle in the connecting spots and learn from there) so you will be able to free your movement as much as you can as you move. The same applies to all the body and even the neck though you may want to put a towel or something else to avoid getting a red mark in the beginning Innocent

First congrats to Nimrod on making fine progress today.

Now to the drills: As you drive relax your shoulders and keep the elbows so if they are thrust backwards or you forward there will not be a crash. Use the wheel as a rail to ride on as you lift one hand and let it come down as you bring the wheel with you for a turn and vice verca. Avoid crossing your arms and move the least to handle the work and see how this affects both your mood and body.

This is taken from a eight year old gymnast: Lie on your back and hold your ankles with your hands. Now arch up and down as you breath and relax the back as you do it.  

The wall collapse: Start from the push up position and one at a time relax one arm totally so you collapse to the ground and see how your body and nature finds the form there. Than place your legs or one leg later on on the wall at a low hight and repeat the drill. Go higher and higher (keeping the walls clean mind you !) till you are collapsing from a hand stand and than move to regular rolls on the ground and see what is new and how you can nagotiate your way without the need for support. Another way to do this is to roll from standing to floor and back with hands clasped at the back and learn to keep moving always the hard way Innocent 
A nice way to remind yourseld just how weak and fragile we are: Lie on your bach and arch your bach up not using anything else and see what you can do with it…
A good drill for relaxation and freedom of movement. Activate one muscle and massage the opposing one (bicep-tricep) with your fists for relaxation in the connecting points of one third up and down the muscle. do this for the entire body in different poses and check if your movement is less tense and more aligned.