Economics of gear placement: The lower you carry your gear on your person the higher the energy you spend to move it around. If you are in a dense enviroment than you will also bump into things like shrubs and wires more and leave a bigger trail. The best way to lug gear is in a cart of a chopper but if you must have it around try to locate it evenly on your sides and have a smooth silluete if possible. If for example you have a coat for the cold, food and water, other clothes, a stove and so on the heavy stuff will go in the top of the pack and closest to you so there is the least amount of tilt and effect with soft stuff to keep it in place around. The lightest stuff like the fluffy coat will be at the bottom of the pack and will also protect your bones in falls and slides. On the front you will have light immediate stuff like a compass and comunicators. and perhaps water access in a tube and some light foods for the trail. The military approach is different by way of accesibility but it is mosty either a chest harness to carry things high on the chest and close to the body or around the hip which allows for more gear but with a little less mobility. Most harnesses are a combination of these two approaches. The best in my opinion is a good uniform that carries the personal pieces we all have like a folding pliers, a knife a notebook and so on and a rig that suits the work to be done.