A few things to do in the car:

1. Get in from the passanger side and get out of the drivers side and back.

2. Do the same with your eyes closed

3. Have a partner drop the keys inside somewhere and find them with your eyes closed.

4. Learn to change a tire at night

5. find items in the back seat or besides you without looking.

6. adjust all the weather controls, lights and doors without looking

7. Open someone else’s seat belt with him strugling

8. Hold your breath and do 1 and 2

9. drop your keys under the car and get them out

10. look around before you exit the car

11. take things out and put them into your pockets.

12. Do 1,2,8,9 with a back pack and while holding a child. 

 If you had an accident, relax breath and move.

A simple task: Take a closed bottle with a twisting cap and open, fill it and close it, using only one hand and without letting a drop spill. enjoy.

Striking the wall using three steps:
1. Placing the fist aligned with the wrist and letting it find the proper placement on the wall.
2. placing the arm and shoulder in a comfortable position and moving from the body hammering the wall and relaxing upon impact so there is no backlash and the fist can do phase one in movement.
3. Hitting with relaxed body and arm using the natural breath wave.

Relax your face, your eyes and smile. Do the work without letting emotions catch you.

Remember you can train in anything and anywhere. The only limit is inside.




Being the target

In many cases we make choices that propel criminals and other attackers to us. For example if you have a parking spot that is not well lit and you have a lot of bags in your hands and you go to the car and only then look for the keys without any knowledge of your environment than you are doing a lot of the work for them and that is just the start.
If you are in another country and go shopping try at least to notice how others are treated and how they expect to be treated. A lot of surprises happen in these events and noticing where you are will lower the chance you are taken by surprise. If you are in an airport it is likely the soft drink will cost five times the cost in your home land but if you will look there will be a jewelery store where you will be given this drink for free just for coming in and maybe make a purchase. If you feel uncomfortable with another person on the street or elsewhere be glad your senses are working to keep you alive and choose an action to do. Walk away, call for help, move your girlfriend to the house side of the sidewalk if a van passes and glides along you  but be in charge of yourself.
Most assaults are not made by huge muscular or armed fellows with black belts. They are made by people who got passed the empathy for others or are too lazy to work. Sometimes they will shoot you for saying no, sometimes you can save your family by resisting a kidnapping forcefully. You are making a decision in any case. Make it conscious and use all that you have, Heart, mind and soul.
A few tips for the daily push ups and all:

When you do your push ups have your fists in different positions from time to time and anjust to the different directions this guides you in. Place one fist on your partner or a pillow that is soft and moving and adjust to the changing of hight and the imbalance. Have a partner place his foot on one part of you and adjust to the tension you create to maintain form. Keep your tension at the minimum to stay free and efficient.

When you do sit ups place your self over a partner or a pillow and change its location under you so you learn to feel different grounds and work with it without struggling to perform a known movement. Have a partner strike you on both ways and remember to change your breathing from time to time. Inhale on the rise, pause for 10 sit ups and so on. Be free from pattern.

When you do leg raises repeat the partner or pillow below drill and add to this awareness to your pulse and remember to feel the ground under you and align the lower back to the ground as you begin to breath. Relax your feet as you do so and your leverage will improve with the relaxation.

When you do the squats you can do them standing over a partner with one or two legs. You can do them with your kid in your hands if you are lucky to have one and remember to tense and relax different body parts to learn to move with tension and despite the tension. A good way to learn this is to do the drill when a partner tenses up around a part of you and you have to remain relaxed or activated at will to master your own mind.

There is a lot of work here to do for me and for everyone. The trick is not to write a 400 page book with illustrations (although I am ) the only trick is to do the honest work.

Best regards, Sharon

Systema Israel.

Uneven breathing

Most times we use the same amount of breath and time to inhale pause and exhale. To learn to handle your emotions, disruptions and strikes better, go through a breath practice where you start with even breath (for example two heart beats inhale, two for the pause, two for the exhale and two for the pause) and from there stretch one of the phases and return and than the others in a way that will teach you to control your mind and body in relaxation and under stress. For example you start on the ground and your partner walks over your body and squats from time to time, changing the distribution and point of impact on you. your job is to continue working on your breath and learning to manage the different points which are asking for your attention without loosing awareness of your breath. Later on you can do this drill walking alone and decide 4 steps for the inhale, 4 steps for the pause, 10 steps for the exhale and 10 for the second pause. This will teach you to manage your intake and outtake of breath and to relax your body in this stress (do not harm yourself and progress gradually, the best way to climb down a flight of stairs is by walking down)  Once this is done a few times stand on one leg and have your friends push and pull on you or perhaps use sticks if they are around to help you learn your own balance and mobility as you breath unevenly on purpose and this will give you a much better grasp of how awareness can slow down your personal time and allow you to perform better.
Start by placing your hands on the floor and finding a comfortable position on your hands and feet. Now move around with your eyes (what can you see) and body without moving your feet or hands from their location and check what you can do with the body in this position. Remember not to lock out your joints and to use everything. Now release on limb off the ground or let it trail on the ground and check again what you can do with this added freedom and mass. Can you strike, roll and so on and repeat this for all the limbs. It is also good to do this with eyes closed. You never know what might be dropped over your head.

With a partner have him push you with his legs and arms while you first maintain the fixed placement of the hands and feet and find a way to let the movement pass without hurting you. Later on do the same with one limb free to travel and later on with your choice of limbs. Remember to remain free in your head and move from standing to crouching and moving on your hand and feet and crawling as you do this freely. The terrain in which you will operate is yours to use and you should make use of the cover and concealment it provides to come back home afterwards in one piece.

Use a shoe lace and tie your ankle or wrist to your partners body and start to move around or sit up and down together as you keep your eyes closed. try to work together so you keep a certain amount of tension between you using the shoe lace so you grow more aware to recognizing others movement and intentions through contact. Move further after you do this to one person with eyes open and one with eyes closed and evade being hit by others walking towards you or swinging a club at either of you by sensing through this contact that you have where is it better to be to avoid being harmed. another drill is to tie the wrist and ankle or the same side together and defend yourselves as learn to communicate your intentions without talking. The purpose of the drill is more than just  movement or play, remember the objective also and keep a clear head.

In this clip we use a shovel to help each other relax withing the contact and to learn not to give support to your attacker or give support so you guide your attacker/partner where you want them. Remember to survive is more important than to win in most cases.