Stand and shake your hands as if you are trying to shake water off them. Let the motion stay in the hands and forearms and avoid tensing up against the movement to stay in place or keep a form. Now shake from the elbow and down and repeat the aware relaxation in the body. Now from the shoulders and note how this effects your head and torso and legs. Start the shaking or waving from the chest like you are trying to shake a hand or arm off your shoulders and relax the neck without loosing control of it. Now from the hips let the motion move the entire upper body and note how you can relax your feet on the ground. Shake the foot while the heel is still on the ground and than from the knee down and from the hip down. Notice how this effects the rest of you. Now while walking have a partner come and grab you and you will shake him off moving as little as possible. To make this drill more rewarding tense up a part of you like the neck or one leg and see how you can act with this tension. While in a confrontation or just working to get your child out of the car you can tense up and leave the tension there. Many times you will see limbs stuck in frozen poses because of lack or awareness. Become aware of your tension and you will master it.

Another good drill for this is to have a partner walk with a gun or a knife on him and work to get the weapon to your hands without disturbing his walking. At first walk straight and later on any way you like. This is a good drill for humility.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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  1. Sharon, I like the shaking drill- its also great after sitting in the office – a great relaxing break!


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