The use of fragile things

Take a pencil and hold it with the sharp end forward and press it into a wall up to the point you feel it is starting to break. Check the angles so you are aware how it handles and use different grips and speed to see how you can move without breaking the pencil. Now with a partner push and guide him toward a location or up and down using the pencil and your partner will try to break the pencil with his body (not against the sharp end, Do not harm yourself). this is a good way to learn to relax your wrist and the rest of your body and mind and to become aware of the limits of things.
There are limitless ways to use a pencil and other objects to this aim and another one is to hold it with both hands so you cover it completely and have a partner try to take it from you using force. This will be more interesting if you hold the pencil behind you (don’t fall on it Innocent)

Pushing and pulling are usually things we do after we make contact. A push without previous contact is often regarded and treated as a strike by the mind although it is pretty much the same. Work to clean yourself of this clarification by playing with the speed angle and introduction of the push/pull.
Start by placing the fist or hand on the body and relaxing by simply letting the contact sink into the partner. Do this for a while and continue to do this as you have one limb sinking into the partner and the other lightly pushing him in a different direction (for example your foot is resting heavy on his knee and your fist is pushing the back of his neck forward). Progress to pulling with open hand use or level work (place your elbow crook on his neck and pull) and change the speed of your work without letting your partner know verbally. He needs to relax and regard everything as simple pushes and pulls and keep himself free and relaxed by aligning and moving.
In this stage you will notice a shift in the work as it looks like you are hitting your partner so relax and breathe and work on changing his alignment by your work.

Give the work time to sink in and work honestly.

Lace the fingers together at the back of the neck or the back and have a friend grab you at the arms, neck or anywhere else and you need to walk your way out of the hold. Remember to keep thinking and avoid getting out of a hold and into a strike to the groin. Take note where all of your body is and feel through the contact and movement where your partners attention is and work with this understanding. You can have them hold with one hand and strike with the other or grab with a hand and use the legs to strike or anything that makes sense. Work honestly and for enough time so you learn to survive it and keep breathing.

We lace the fingers to feel how they tighten together when pulled apart and to learn to work through this level when it appears in life. You can also use this natural lock for your benefit if you are giving someone a boost up a rooftop or onto a better firing position. The more your body is aligned and together, the better you will perform.

Hold your hands behind your back standing and move through the prone position and standing a few times. Now sit and roll over your shoulders a few times while holding the hands in this way and check if it helps your relaxation while rolling.
Breathe without stop and tense your toes, Continue to breathe and every time advance with the tense wave just a bit until your tense on the breath your entire body. Do the same from a different point of origin and on the exhale if you were on the inhale and than RELAX.

Sit on the ground and hold your ankles with your hands. Tense against the hold and relax a few times and start to move on the ground while still holding your ankles. rock from side to side and move using the least amount of tension and than roll around and move around the ground for a few minutes. Find a way to relax and avoid fighting through your own tension. Let it go as you exhale and keep moving. Find new ways to move.

The teeth are very hard and as a result break rather than deform. This is something you need to know and work with when you are working with material harder than your teeth. If you are in a neck hold and bite soft muscles to free yourself it is not a big problem althouth you can still break some teeth from the thrashing but if you are trying to open a door holding the key in your mouth it can help a lot to the power transfer and your health to first take a piece of shirt in your mouth and than pick up the key. Remember to avoid harming yourself and use all that you have. Another example from the opposite side is to relax the hips and go to the ground to avoid getting stabbed by a knife or poker.

Hard on soft and soft on hard.

Patton wrote in his memories that when you give people a goal instead of a way, you will be surprised by how well and innovative they will perform. You can do the same in your practice by putting your partner in an unpleasant situation like several people standing on them (more effecting than the prone position) or being inside a painful level and finding a way out of it. Let them find a way even if it takes ten minutes and you will help each other recognize your abilities and clean yourself of fear.
A person working alone can do the same by working slowly on solving problems like finding your way with eyes closed out of a house or relaxing and balancing in a difficult position like balancing a cup of water on your head as you sit down and get up. You will not develop huge muscles from this practice but you will know to work with what you have at that moment.

The quote

” Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.