to learn to be aware of the distance you move during a roll and to control it roll without walking. This means you take a few minutes (10) to roll without walking. You stand and roll and come back to a standing position without any steps. Move like this from spot to spot and relax using your breath to guide you. After a while you will automatically know and be more aware of how much you move in a roll and in which position you will naturally come to from the roll. This is important and will make your rolls more self aware in the ending and start as well since all the parts of the chain effect it.

Things to notice:

how are you feet placed in the start?
Where does the roll start in your body?
Where do your eyes look at the beginning and during the roll?
Are you changing your breath as you roll (hint: breathe like you do all the time)
Are you placing hard on soft and vice versa?
Are you doing something that is yours or mimicking?


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Have a partner take a heavy stick and have him move it in hitting moves very close to your body. Tense up and hold your breath as he does this to become aware of the natural fear reaction in the body. After you do this for him as well keep tensing up but breathe normally and in the next one relax and breathe normally.
Once you do this have him move still slowly so he will hit you and it is good to hit each other a few times so it is a known effect though not if full swing. Now you will hold your hands behind your neck or back and move without haste to avoid the harm. Make sure you pay attention to your direction (coming in or out of the threat) and heading (what are you facing and what do you see)
In the next drill you move so you effect the stick with your body and legs (for example: have the stick slide on your chest down and as one end reaches the ground you step on it on your way to the partner) This is a good drill to do in three or more so you don’t fix yourself on one movement and forget that your survival is more important.
Now release your hands and use them to guide and direct the stick where you are safe and able to work better. Again having a few hits to the arms will help you learn not to tense up or try to grab a lightning.

Breathe and relax your eyes. Use your tension to your advantage.

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Place your fist in front of you and try to relax it as much as you can without changing form. Now tense it all the way slowly with breathing and keep it like this for a few breaths. Do this a few times and than change the position of the arm and repeat. Now take your whip and hit the forearm a few times when you relax and a few more times when you are tense. Move forward to the fist and see if you can keep the alignment under the hit and how you can move with it. If you have a partner do it with him and do it also with eyes closed so you don’t escape beforehand too much by relaxing or moving. Another thing to notice is to see if your other hand relaxes or tenses up as you do the other.

Relax the face and don’t feel too sorry for your self but also don’t go too far.
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Take a stick the size of a broom stick and press on the ends in both palms. Sit on a chair and see how you can move while still pressing on the stick and note what you can see around you. If you can, have a friend move around you and move so you always see him and stay comfortable at the same time. Next sit on the ground and repeat this drill. You can use your imagination for this too.  Now Lie down flat so your face is down and crawl forward and backwards without lifting your body off the ground; after that roll so your face is up and again your hands are overhead and crawl from side to side.
Move from the positon of face down to face up and again in ten different ways and for example here are a few ways:
1 move one leg across the body and let the rest of the body follow it.
2 lift both legs off the ground, sit up and go down while turning
3 bring the knees to the chest and roll
4 bring the arms low and in line with the body and roll
5 arch the back and spring up with a twist to a roll
6 find an object on the ground like a chair or a back and lean on it to do the movement
7 have a friend roll you
8 bring the stick parallel to the shoulders and roll over one shoulder
9 bring the stick down and move the legs under it and roll
10 lean on the stick itself to pivot on it and roll

Make it your own by doing the work
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Take a stick and a telephone pole or something that can serve as an obstacle (a whole is also something and the lack of ground or sound can tell you a lot about what is around you) and work with a partner using a stick to check how you can use the stick to control him with this feature and how he can use this to avoid harm and keep moving. Move slowly at least at first so you learn from this and go up and down with the speed so you learn to be aware of it and be able to act despite the speed or lack of it of an attacker or partner.
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Take all your shoes and sandles and put them on one by one. With each pair sit down and get up without using your hands in at least two different ways and than do the same as you hold a stick behind you with your elbow pits.

This is a very silly thing to do until you find you cannot do something simply because of your shoes.
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Another way to align your spine and the four points of shoulders and hips is to stand and walk as you imagine your arm pulling and lifting a heavy load like buckets of water. This will naturally align your spine to carry the load without harming yourself and relax the shoulders and spine accordingally.

If you lack in imagination or want to try this a few times in another way take a chind in each hand or something like 20 kg and walk a few Km. You will learn to walk softly this way as well.

keep breathing and relax the face.
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Lie on the ground and roll a bit to unwind it. Now as you inhale press the back of your head to the ground while keeping the rest of the body stays relaxed and relax completely on the exhale. Now press in order the back of the neck, the spine between the shoulder blades, the lower back, the backs of the knees, the inner side of the ankles and the outer side and than do this in wave from up to down and down to up. Direction is a part of tension and relaxation whether it is local or with it’s own direction.

Do the same with your face down though if you are related to Cyrano De Bergerac you will find some compromise requires at times.


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Few means more than ten

Do a few push ups on the fists and jump with your entire body off the ground and land with soft limbs so there is no impact. Move your entire body with the breath and relax so there is no impact of hard on hard.
Do a few sit ups and when you are seated jump with all of your body in the air (you can swing a rope underneath to make sure all of you is off the ground) and again relax.
Do a few leg raises and when the legs are coming back from the overhead jump and remember to move as one and relax the parts which are in contact so there is less impact and shock.
Do a few squats and jump in the lower position using the spring of the joints and tendons to avoid tensing up. Smile and move as one it is easier.

Do a few push ups on a hard pillow, a sleeping bag or a partner and align yourself as it or he moves underneath.
Do a few sit ups with a partner behind you so you have to bring up your hips to align yourself when your head and shoulders are resting on him on the down position.
Do a few leg raises so than you have to again raise your middle when your feet are resting on the partner.
Do a few squats where you sit down for each squat and rise again to the squat without using the hands.
This is so you learn to move using all your parts to align yourself in any position.

Strike drill in two parts:
1 place your fist on your partner and relax so you feel him better. Feel where he is tense and work to unbalance him with the least amount of movement (remember to stand in a comfortable distance and to move yourself so you know your hips and shoulders are relaxed. If you are tense than you can control nothing)
2 Close your eyes and walk toward your partner and as your fist makes contact with him, let it align itself and than move if inward in the same way you did during drill 1.

when in doubt, do some push ups and come up with variations on your own.


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