Place a fist to the face and relax, tense your neck and face to push the fist away and in this manner you learn which muscles you use to resist the movement. Exhale and relax those muscles and let the fist move without following it. Proceed to repeating this drill with your eyes closed and… Read More

Stand on one leg and start to move in a circle in one spot keeping yourself upright or finding what happens when you do not. Next move on one leg without leaving the ground in a straight line back and forth learning to relax the focus in the eyes and to avoid tension in your… Read More

This is a three people drill. One is the observer and the switcher and two are working with contact. The job of the observer is to choose the interesting time to switch roles between the partners working and to learn by watching. The two work in this fashion: One takes the hand or fist of… Read More

Take a group of friends and tart to hit each other at random walking in each others path and hitting whoever is in range of comfort and not straining to hit who you see. Continue by placing a fist on your partner and pushing. Let the fist move by stepping rather than being shoved around… Read More