Short work

Start with a partner and make threatening postures and movements toward each other. Notice the reaction in your body and intention and watch for the beginning of aggression. Now simply move and work without the aggression and note the difference in the result and the the mirroring of intention and escalation in each other. Once… Read More Short work

stand a pace or a bit more from the wall facing either direction and lean toward the wall with your feet relaxed and flat on the ground. Let one limb move from the body to contact the wall and direct and smooth your approach until your body is relaxed against the wall. use the same… Read More

One person stands before you and you use your hand to turn him so he doesn’t see you. It makes sense to do so if a person is acting hostile at times. Do this drill slowly so you find where he is open to the turning and use the lightest touch of your fingertips first… Read More

Stand between two partners and have them push you using one hand or fist from one to the other and at the same time turn you to face the other. In this drill focus on avoiding breath stops to think and work with the breath and not by manipulating it so you learn to use… Read More

Start at the static push up position and have a partner lift up your feet using his hands. Your partner will walk in different directions and change directions and speed at will. You move using your body and arms and fists to remain relaxed and comfortable as possible. Remember to keep breathing and to find… Read More