Take a knife that is not too sharp and press it into your partner. Work slowly so he can find the best way for himself to avoid getting cut or stabbed and change positions from time to time. It is best to start with just the body moving while you sit on your behind and… Read More

Stand or lie down and breathe. Tense up your entire body and relax to a one heartbeat count and relax. Repeat a few times starting the tension wave in different places in the body and also tensing all in one go. Up the count to two and repeat the drill paying attention to different parts… Read More

Start walking using your breath as a guide in this fashion. One step on the inhale, one step on the pause, one step on the exhale and one more on the pause after that. Let the breath start the movement and during the pause relax and note where there is excess tension. It will relax… Read More

To learn to hold tools and knives in particular well hold one in your hand and have a partner use a stick to first tap you on the arm and hand and than repeat the drill as you tense and relax your arm and shoulder as you are being tapped. Change roles and repeat the… Read More