Progress comes in small steps but realization of it comes in leaps and bounds of imagination once we are clear enough to realize where we are and what we can know from the vantage point. For example you work on moving with your partner for a while on merging with his levers to avoid becoming… Read More

Take a simple water bottle and half fill it. Hold first the narrow tip and slowly move it around you over the head and drawing shapes in the air. Keep the surface of the water perfectly still and your wrist alighned with your forearm. Mind the change in your work afterwards and remember to relax… Read More

Take a stand

I prefer to work barefoot or with light moccasins. Others depend on their Crocks in the farm for irrigation and quick cleaning and the list goes on and on. Do your regular work with different footwear than what you have in mind and see how you can roll and turn and squat with dancing shoes… Read More Take a stand

Learning to walk may start with stumbling which is fine and the logical thing to do is to clean out the stumbling from the walk once we are able to. Start with a partner and a stick. Look forward and up and tense and relax shoulders and hips a few times. Now start walking slowly… Read More