Stand and slowly on the inhale arch your pelvis backwards till you run out of inhale and than exhale the extra tension and release your tension. Inhale again and arch your pelvic forward and again exhale and release the tension from the hips and back. Repeat this on your toes and than on your heels and move around to gather how your hips feel once you are more aware of their tilt. This drill allows for better awareness and thus better movement in all directions, remember to just be aware of the tension instead of pushing it out. Allow the body movement to align you with every breath rather than trying to steady the ship.

Remember to avoid obstructing your view. If you block the sun with your hand it is still there. If you are doing this to shade your eyes you are doing something. If you are lifting your hands to defend the air ahead of you out of fear you are reacting instead of acting and the same goes for rifles knives and pans…

Honesty is effective

Take a partner and hold in your hand his little hand finger. Start to move and twist and turn your partner as he works to avoid getting tensed up and of course avoiding harm. Work slowly as it is very easy to break the little finger and as such it is a cause and a device to learn to spread your awareness in your entire body and become free from outside pressure. It is a simple drill and if you learn to make mistakes and overcome them you will learn fast. If you try to avoid making mistakes or zero the situation when things become hard or uncomfortable during learning you will not learn or learn very slowly. Honesty is effective.

Follow your eyes

Sit on your behind and more to the squat. Walk the movement back in your head and note if there was any freedom in the way your eyes were fixed or aligned to the actual or personal horizon.
Now relax back to sitting and repeat the drill moving first your breath and than your relaxed gaze and let the body follow. In a short while you will find that it is far easier to allow the body to glide from one tension point to another with much less resistance than the linear movement your fixed eyes force on you.
Now that you can breathe and glide your way from sitting to squatting progress to doing the same from squatting to standing by avoiding fixing your eyes and letting them guide you to the path of least resistance. A video will follow to demonstrate this.