Here is a specific work for you to taste on pack work: Start by Standing with feet closed in a 90 degree angle between them. Rise to your toes and as you inhale drop down and bounce back up as you exhale. Repeat 60 times Lean your hands on the wall or a partner and… Read More

For Rachel Klingberg of the Pony Express 🙂 Here is a specific drill to learn to move to survive with head hits. Start standing and have your partner push various parts of your head and neck. At first just allow your body to move as a whole with the direction of the contact while you… Read More

It is important to switch your starting point when you are learning from time to time. Starting at the basics will create an opening if you rely on it all the time. Sometimes you must provide the end and have the students work it from the end to the beginning. We must remove the crutches… Read More

Remember when you are talking to a crowd to keep the sun behind you so you see the shadow of the people coming at your back. If you are the people coming at your back make your shadow innocent like and keep this lesson in everything.