Here is a specific work for you to taste on pack work:

Start by Standing with feet closed in a 90 degree angle between them. Rise to your toes and as you inhale drop down and bounce back up as you exhale. Repeat 60 times

Lean your hands on the wall or a partner and walk down and up 10 times.
Turn away from the wall and do the same work walking into a bridge and back.
Place both palms on the top of your head and place them on the wall with two steps away from the wall. Tilt your head in the yes movement 60 times. Turn to face away from the wall and repeat. In all movement let the breath lead the movement.

Place your hand on the ground and keeping your body as straight as you can walk the feet around your body like a chopper allowing the connective tissue in your middle to open and relax as you stabilize just as much as you need 10 times each way.

Place your pack on the ground and using just your feet roll it in front of you 15 meters in front of you and then stand before it and push it behind you 15 meters and use no momentum. Learn to use all the muscles and joints of the foot and leg to get the job done and to drive without tensing the upper half without any need.

Place the pack on your back and walk back and forth on your feet and hands. Remember to move from the body and fatigue the limbs as little as possible!

Place the pack on your back and squat down all the way while keeping the feet flat on the ground. Shift your mass from foot to foot and gently lift one leg at a time and move it to the front and back. Continue to shifting your mass forward after the leg learning to move up and forward with your body without dragging feet or pushing with the feet. Move from the hips. Shift them and let the legs do the movement without mass on them and then let the mass roll to them!

Stand with your hands on your hips and shake your hips letting the tension flow from you down and out.

For Rachel Klingberg of the Pony Express 🙂

Here is a specific drill to learn to move to survive with head hits. Start standing and have your partner push various parts of your head and neck. At first just allow your body to move as a whole with the direction of the contact while you keep breathing and remain aligned letting the movement balance the contact. Next have your partner hold you with one hand and hit you in the same places with his other hand and you still move with the body aligned using the same principle of moving with the contact direction or directions and remembering to breathe and to move just as you have to. Continue to using a stick to push the head and neck and responding in the same way to this rougher medium.
Now that you know your body can move with the contact even when held (you can also do this against the wall) allow the neck to move with the contact so instead of moving your neck in place you move your body and your neck moves with your body so the twist or crank we feel when we receive hits and freeze a part of us is cleaned out.

Please note to allow the neck to move rather than react out of fear so you let the impact glance rather than sink and when this is done you can act and direct and control after you have control over yourself.

It is important to switch your starting point when you are learning from time to time. Starting at the basics will create an opening if you rely on it all the time. Sometimes you must provide the end and have the students work it from the end to the beginning. We must remove the crutches ourselves in order to stand free.

Remember when you are talking to a crowd to keep the sun behind you so you see the shadow of the people coming at your back. If you are the people coming at your back make your shadow innocent like and keep this lesson in everything.