It is easy to forget with the pressure of daily life or more intense situations the many ways and tools we have to live and do our work. People sometimes forget to talk or stumble on their word choice under pressure and ofter we focus so much on one body part we forget we have more than one. For example we forget we have another arm when one is under a twist or heavy pull.
Start with one person sitting or standing and have a partner hold onto one arm or leg and push/pull alternating. The person held simply moves with the contact working to stay comfortable and tensing and relaxing the limbs alternating sides. Continue by allowing the free elbow to turn up ninety degrees and as you move with the partner work to place the fist hand or foot on him and keep moving. Change the hold after a while to the neck and body and again move with the partner working to discomfort you and allow the body movement as you move with him to show you opportunities to hit him. A good addition to the drill is to change roles all the time and work from where you find yourself. For example a partner is holding onto your elbow and pushing it behind you and as you switch you relax the hips, turn with his movement and hold onto the inside of the thigh and walk through him. Starting in the sitting down position helps in cleaning the body from bumps that hold you from rolling and turning and as you progress the importance of breathing all the time rises to the surface. Keep breathing and release tension on the exhale at first as it is a muscle release. As you keep moving the inhale will provide you with ample ways to wake up inside as well.