Systema Israel: Letting go of tension in movement

The second part of the video In this video we go over a drill to clean out and release excess tension from the hips and legs and torso while in movement and eventually altogether. By learning to avoid bracing against contact and mother earth in an unconscious manner we are able to clean out the excess bracing through: 1 letting the breath lead all movement instead of just class movements. 2 Letting go of tension in all limbs and spreading your awareness in all your limbs. 3 Allowing your sight to stay forward and up instead of bypassing the signal our limbs send us and having a freedom to look around naturally.
For soldiers and law enforcement and hunters take note that without this excess tension you will move with less impact and noise signature. Your ability to shoot and hit on the move will evolve and contact attacks will have a lesser effect and surprise effect on you. You will also be less prone to injury and knee and ankle strains than those who think pounding the ground is a good idea outside of a camp fire dance.