SPIRIT = Breath

Working on your spirit is not building courage that can wear out or “learning ” to withstand pain but gaining awareness through the fog of tension and perception of what we can truly do. Start by doing simple tasks like drawing shapes and walking in a straight line while slowly inhaling or exhaling till there… Read More SPIRIT = Breath

So you want to reach out and touch someone ? What happens if he or she is not in agreement with you ? What if they are doing something about it other than not being there ? Start with a partner sitting on his behind and you sitting an arm length from him. Have him… Read More

Uneven breathing

We tend to even things out with carrying groceries in each hand or bringing our breathing to the same intervals or pulse timing for the inhale exhale and sometimes to the pauses between them. Consider working on uneven phases of breath to learn to work with this imbalance and letting the tension this builds release… Read More Uneven breathing

The book

The single reason other then deployment to my lack of posts is working on the book and DVD. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer. Yours Sharon Systema Israel.