Shoulder magic

Working on the shoulder movement is great and very beneficial but I propose to work on the entire area to facilitate less injury and less taxing of the joint itself.

The plan has two stages:
Stand first facing the wall and use your hands to walk up and down the wall keeping from locking your joints and working from the body.
Do the same facing away from the wall (place something soft under you if you fear head contact with the ground)
PROGRESS to the second stage once comfortable with one using both sides
2 Sit on your behind and rise your body on hands and feet or fists and feet if you are a martial artist and want better wrist control. Start walking back and forth and from time to time change from facing up and facing down walking.
The best part is the last here: rise to a bridge and hold for a while. When you are comfortable holding for sixty relaxed breaths start raising each limb at a time going in circles and once this is easy start walking while in the bridge and transferring between the stages as you move.

Changing speeds of travel will also benefit this drill and your health greatly. Moving fast at times and super slow at others will create a whole movement other choices will not create.

You will not have another shoulder problem again unless you are in the way of a bullet or a knife.

Program two: Developing your own System or getting to know yourself in movement choice!

1. Have a partner strike you slowly
2 Repeat several times until you notice new things about your movement and see where it can go
3 ease into faster and faster repetitions of the same movement in order to clean the fear of speed and acceleration from us
4 See how you can add more purpose to your movement by adding another goal such as paying attention to the people around you holding pitchforks or as you evade you also strike the partner blending in his or her movement but avoid getting competitive or in real life conflict you will be much handicapped by this outward desire and lack of inner balance.
5 Repeat and allow yourself to be hit and avoid resisting your partner in this work to avoid getting tense and afraid from moving or getting hit.
6 Don’t forget to let the breath lead.