One quote

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

What can we learn from this:
See everything with new eyes as it is and not as something held at the back of our heads
Hold nothing in excess and let emotion come and go leaving no worries to dwell on
Every moment brings us a chance to learn something and grow. Do not waste
Smile simply because you are alive
Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired and listen to yourself. Lead yourself from a point of being in the moment every moment

I am not a religious person but I try to see the good in everything and share what little I have. A student asked me what is the connection between martial art and religion and I say decide for yourself.

Using tension and breath to increase awareness.

Have a partner come at you with a fist toward your face. Hold your breath and tense up your body. As the contact comes exhale and relax your entire body to the ground. Repeat this drill from all directions forward backside and sides and from different angles. Change roles and repeat and then add adding your limbs to the collapse exhale so you continue to move instead of crumble to the ground (the more you spread your awareness the less frozen you will feel under pressure)
Add to the drill less and less tension and more continuous breath so you end up breathing normally and devoid of excess tension knowing the correct distance for you to move in and where to avoid getting harmful contact and knowing what to do if you missed one or two.

Add another partner and repeat 🙂

Eyes with contact with reality

It is sadly seen many times in rapists and other violent criminals that they are scratched in the neck and face but the eyes are unharmed. While we are very honed genetically to protect the eyes from harm a large portion of this reality comes from the victim being unable to cause such harm to another human being. In these cases it is best to consider the situation as a whole. We are humans or people and so are others. Placing the health of others over our own when they try to harm us places us in an illogical area of existence and this must be brought into attention.
Start by placing your fingers flat over your eyes and very slowly moving them around. Note where there is a feeling of fear or discomfort and how the rest of the body reacts to this contact. Repeat with a partner while maintaining a method to stop the contact when the contact brings too much discomfort the breathing cannot hold.
Now slowly touch without any pressure and move away from your own eyes and then with a partner. Feel how the eyes close when contact is obvious and keep breathing and if possible keep the other eye open. Now place one hand at the back of your partner head and a finger on his eye. Press the hand at the back of the head toward you slowly and carefully and allow yourself to be stopped when harm is around the corner.

Remember you are a human being and so are others. Harming others has it’s time and place sadly and sometimes doing harm is a good thing to prevent rape, murder or capture. Be safe and avoid harming yourself and then avoid doing harm to others.

Plan minimum

A student asked for a six day plan to do a bit each day. Five minutes a day. It is an excellent idea in moderation and in systema working for you instead of you working for it.

A walking on hands and feet or fists and feet according to feeling. Work face down and up and forward and backwards. Don’t forget to switch while in this position from face up to down.
B lie on the ground and use your body movement to move your limbs and crawl on the ground back and forth face up and face down
C place both hands toward the sky and relax your eyes. Start to sit down and get up and playing with the positions from sitting on your behind to chest down to back and back up again.
D Start from sitting on your behind and roll back and forth and side to side. continue to rolling from the knees in all four ways and then from a squat and from standing.
E lie on your back and lift both legs in the air. Start drawing letters or numbers with both legs and then each leg on it’s own. Alternate with knees and toes.
F start walking and with your hands start drawing numbers or letters in the air first together and then each arm on it’s own. Remember in all drills to let the breath start the movement, to relax your eyes and to smile from time to time.

Systema Israel stick work for awareness and natural movement

This video presents two simple drills to learn body awareness and natural movement. We learn from passing the stick using continuous movement to remain comfortable and to be able to move ourselves instead of pushing others and from moving with the movement of another while not allowing yourself to be pushed you learn to keep from injury and to align yourself by choice and not by being dragged into positions. Keep free.