Nine inch nail

People who have never been attacked seriously tend to play as if marking strikes joint torque or the pressure of a dummy knife is not really there in practice and worse they tense up and resist tension causing themselves to be controlled and causing injury. Take on long nail and introduce it to the group.… Read More Nine inch nail


In the west it is considered heroic in many cases to loose your temper and go berserk. You hear about acts negating reason and consideration that succeed once in a while and those who perform them and live are considered heroes. An experienced soldier would care little to a heroic person in his fox hole… Read More Negative?


This post is inspired by man who is a student and teacher of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts and puts them into practice. Not too many years ago most martial arts differed in little and had much in common. The why to that is simple. They had to work. A man raises his forearm and… Read More BEING