Yes no and maybe

The entire world has three obvious head movements or gestures of yes no and maybe. The no is a movement of the head from side to side. The yes is a movement up and down while remaining on the same line and maybe which is tilting of the head in different directions. When we take… Read More Yes no and maybe

Mindset in class

Working on your own self knowledge in class or by yourself is dependent on two main factors. The first is your own safety and knowledge of your training partners since you cannot logically put yourself in a compromising situation with people or environment you cannot trust. Be mindful of your feeling and senses and avoid… Read More Mindset in class

Game of stalking

For this drill we will need at least two students. one starts stationary and looking away from the other student. From time to time the stationary student will turn and see if he or she can catch the movement of the other student before he or she freezes (catching the movement you will advise the… Read More Game of stalking