Walking in

Many of our viewing of what is portrayed as  violence is very straight forward. One walks directly toward the other and start hitting and grabbing or just stabbing. While this does happen , the reality of things is that when you are approached in such manner it is easy to become agitated and actually do… Read More Walking in


Start by yourself facing a wall. Start walking toward it and learn how many steps it takes to reach the wall with your front. Do this from different distances and then from each side and walking backwards. Have a friend turn you around and place you in some position in a room and while you… Read More Timing


Easy is working your strengths to someone’s weaknesses. Easy is not fun in learning.  Place the top of your forehead (don’t overdo it if you are balding as I am 🙂 ) to your partners top of forehead and your hands shielding your eyes. First feel the hard surface of the bone against yours and… Read More tête-à-tête