Systema Israel Acceleration and eyesight

In this video we explore two dynamic qualities and how they affect our perception of what is happening. We use fixed low speed and fixed higher speed and then add acceleration to allow the mind and eyesight to relax under tension and to continue making choices in movement. The next step is changing how we see by closing one eye and repeating the drill so our depth of field and body movement can adjust to this new reality. Thinking we have a fixed state of faculties is resisting reality and through honest practice we can let go of this and keep moving.

Center ?

In many ways we learn to walk straight to bend with your torso upright and so on. Some arts teach you to move from the center line which is the line from the chin to your groin but rarely the true center is discussed or harnessed.
Start working any drill with pairs wrestling hitting or anything else and a third partner walking around and pushing around the people who are paying attention just to the person they are in contact with. Change roles and watch the difference in movement and in sight coverage of the different working people and keep breathing.
Repeat the drill and have the person walking around hold his breath as he looks outside while the breath holding is forcing his or her attention inward. During this drill pay attention to your interpretation of other people and see how things change as your inner tension grows.
Now have two or three on one pushing and pulling the one and without warning change the person you are pushing again and again. The moment to pay attention to is the switch as you are looking for your place in the drill instead of just moving.
The real center is how you pay attention to yourself and others. Too much attention to others will take your life away and the same is for too much attention to just yourself. There is a saying Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation. by Saint Augustine. Mind how you take and how you give until they are the same for you and then you will be free.

Moving the limbs from the body.

The body works as we move it. Our idea becomes movement and our input decides the amount of resistance we have for the work.
Begin standing with your feet under you. Relax from the hips down and place your fists on the ground beside your legs. Move your body from your hips to place the fists in a movement walking forward until your body is in the superman position and back several times paying attention to letting the breath lead and avoid trying to move the body from the arm but moving the arm from the body. Only use as little tension as needed to keep your desired shape for that breath and no more but no less.
Repeat the drill but no from the shoulders start the movement of lifting each leg at a time and moving in a walking motion again to the superman position and back several times. It is easy to rely on muscles and contact. Rely on your breath and move the limbs from the body.

To master yourself you must do a little each day. One cannot drink the ocean but you can swim it.