One clear glass of water

Death is scary to most people but not to all. For some it is the cliff we are thrown over once our time here is done while to other it is the door to another adventure.

To me death is the lack of life and as such it is evident in every moment of self-neglect and thoughtlessness. In my classes we do not become hyper beings for two hours and then we return to the dullness of the mundane. We strive to bring up the base level of awareness and make every ordinary moment extraordinary.

I will give you one simple example and from that you can infer it all. That is the magic of working with principle. Every time you set a glass on a surface, Pay attention. Don’t try to set it slowly or gently. Simply pay attention and those things will take care of themselves without cluttering your mind with semi goals and tension from trying to achieve them.
Pay attention to your every moment and slowly you will come back to life.

Acceptance A key to Freedom

In this video we go over a four stage drill to note how using both logic emotion and body sense cannot always get the job done. Sometimes you must have faith.
1 letting the strike make contact and simply following it on its way to you without any guidance or direction. Just contact.
2 Starting to move from the body toward the attacker as you continue to perform stage one.
3 Adding continuous movement after stages one and two so we reach a logical end to the attack.
4 Holding the breath during stages one two and three to learn to understand we create most of the pressure within and through honesty and awareness we can let it go.

Things become simple with diligent honest practice.