Are you making the choices? (or how to avoid getting killed by your lack of personal freedom)

Have a partner walk around the area you are working in and avoid making contact with you. Walk after him or her and see how your movement affect his choice of direction and speed and on the other hand how his avoidance controls your movement.

Repeat the drill with no working on paying attention to where he is headed and go there instead of where he is right now. You pay attention and it pays back to you.

Repeat the drill now working on releasing your movement from your partner. Keep the idea in mind and walk with freedom to where it feels right. It may take a while to release the urge to follow and unleash your intuition but letting all your faculties work for you creates a sum greater than the pieces apart.

The idea is not all the work is the deadly hits you see in the movies. Everything is important and many ways the result of an actual fight is determined by a moment of you simply not being there. Pay attention out of freedom and not out of fear. Move from your own volition. Be alive as long as you are alive.

Are you making the choices? (or how to avoid getting killed by your lack of personal freedom)

Put the FINGER in the EYE

From a few steps away point your finger toward your partner (and former friend’s ) eye and start moving slowly toward him with the intent of making contact with the eye ( keep the speed low). Your partner needs to:

1. Keep breathing

2. move toward you instead of away from you

3. Keep his ability to cry in stereo by moving in such a way that you do not make contact with his eye

Repeat the drill changing roles each time and see how you react to this real threat of discomfort and possible harm if you range yourself out of self governance.

Advance to the same drill only now you start the movement not as a response to your partner but choosing to start moving from either shoulder to spread your awareness instead of letting someone dictate where you focus. Again advance to starting the movement from either hip to spread your awareness further in the body.

The more you pay attention, the more it pays.