The push up sandwich

This is a partner drill for learning attentive mes and tension awareness.
1. You place yourself in the push up position.
2. Your friend puts himself in the push up position only with his hands/fists on your body
3. You do a push up together.
4. Your friend moves on your body to another location and you repeat

From this simple drill you learn a few things:
1. Friends can be heavy
2. you must adjust your tension according to the situation and not according to what you thought before
3. pushing someone is harder than just moving yourself. The tension pattern is very different.

Solo Tension and Pain Understanding and release using wall and balls

In this video we show a few variation and a way of exploring and using the tension and pain input in order to understand it as a symptom and live a better healthier life. We are using balls of different density and a wall and a angle in the wall to do this. No purchase is needed, just attention

The Wheelbarel

What you get from this drill : Relaxation in the upper body, learning to shift mass better, attention to contact and how to move within it. connection between the upper and lower body.

Take a partner and have him on his hands with his feet in your hands.
Move him around like a wheelbarrow in all directions gently
Move him with regard to the placement of his body and hands to help him move with more care and to be aware of the shifting of his mass
Move him with the addition of guidance from your hands (moving up and down and away from the body) to further increase his awareness
Repeat the drill with the partner facing skywards and with more care since most are not aware of their ability to move with their hands behind them.