Practice needs both more and less movement at the same time to reach the end goal

1 roll within one exhale.
1 roll within two exhales.
1 roll within three exhales.
1 roll within four exhales.
This gives you more awareness to each point of the roll and allow you to EVOLVE it with awareness instead of tension.
DO next
1 roll within one exhale.
2 roll within one exhale.
3 roll within one exhale.
4 roll within one exhale.
5 roll within one exhale.
6 roll within one exhale.
This gives you more presence within the same exhale to do more with the same resource.
You already have all the tension you need. All you need to do is to let go.

Only you can give yourself to the moment

10 Climb up a standing partner using just your arms with your legs limp from possible injury.
10 Move your partner from point A to B on the ground with him completely limp and you do not rise above head lever from the ground.
10 Hold one hand to your torso to hold in a possible injury and avoid being taken down by tour partner.
10 Close your eyes and have your partner jump and cling onto you from different directions. Relax and guide him/her onward without trying to hold him/her up with your tension.
Smile. It helps when the time is right.
It is up to you to move yourself. Others may help but only you can give yourself to the moment.