Military tactical battle CQB COIN and babies

We all give things and actions names and tags for easy communication and common understanding.

The problem with tags is that it has a meaning of their own and sometimes take over the essence of the actual need or want.

Babies crawl and walk on their hands and knees. So do soldiers and hunters and there is no difference.

Kids play games and sneak and snatch things for fun and play and so do soldiers in raids and in need.

Teenagers in some places wear quiet clothes and take a gun and a pack and go hunting to eat and for profit.  Soldiers do the same.

The more we look at the tag or the belt or the diploma of the Instructor or teacher or Sensei or Elvis impersonator, the further away we are from our real selves and less in contact with the person.

Treat yourself to a dose of truth and just do what needs to be done and have as much fun as possible with as much regard that is needed to your image and tags you and others tag each other.



Work on grace and the rest will follow

  1. Keep your breath continuous
  2. Start your movement from your breath and then the body
  3. Have and follow goals greater then the moment you are in
  4. Relax your eyes to see instead of seeking what you want to see
  5. Spread your awareness throughout your body
  6. Use just movement. Avoid tags such as attack and defense. It is all the same
  7. Techniques are keys to specific doors. Make the needed key using intuition
  8. Have faith in your faculties. No one is you but yourself

Riding the blade

Practice is very formal when danger is close and thus much is gone in the haze of getting good at a drill instead of learning about yourself and learning to accept what is.

Have a partner hold a covered knife and have him move in a continuous oval cutting motion that includes the space you are taking.

Start by keeping your hands to yourself and moving your body out of the way and toward his back. Keep both legs under you at all times.

Continue by letting your arms move from the movement of your body and staying close to the partner knife hand or hands.

Now add a traveling hand with the always moving knife hand. Be as light as a butterfly after a fast and never try to control the situation.

Your breath moves you, Your eyes control your boundries, Your movement shows all including you what you are afraid to accept. Let go of controlling the situation and ride the wave.