600 breaths

1.60 breaths – Walking on your toes 2.60 breaths – Walking on the outer sides of the feet 3.60 breaths – Walking on the inner sides of the feet 4.60 breaths – Walking at half height with the legs under your hips and the back upright 5.60 breaths – Walking in the full squat by… Read More 600 breaths


There are ways to strengthen your body and ways to strengthen your mind. Practice strengthens both. 1.Two is one and one is none – always find at least another use for every piece of kit you have. 2.One way in, two ways out – Always find and use another method or route on the way… Read More THREE MENTAL DRILLS


Stand up with your feet under you. Press your hands together from the shoulders Press your legs toward each other from the hips Squat in this fashion: Down – 1 inhale Up – 1 exhale Down – one full breath Up – one full breath Down – 2 full breaths Up 2 full breaths Down… Read More FULL TENSION WORK