The solution is the problem

The greatest obstacle in the growth of a martial artist is when they seek a solution instead of negating the problem.

If we block an attack, we become a part of that equation and deal on the terms of that engagement. When we MOVE from our own will, instead of TWITCH in a action that is triggered out of but a part of us (fear, lack of knowledge and the like)  and not the whole; We are passive in our own lives. When we make choices and act, we create our lives instead of being lead as ship to the slaughter of our souls.

The idea is that we can accept everything from evil to good, from hard to soft without resistance but with action. Resistance is re-action and it forces us to answer a question instead of following our own mind and our own heart.

Try to act instead of react in small and big things alike. Through daily actions we can gain more and more freedom instead of speed of reaction. Reaction is a choice we make so it may seem as freedom but it is the sound of the drum and not the actions of the drummer.

Only when you let go of control of the other, will you gain awareness and thus control over yourself.

Please, do not simply believe me.

Ask questions, check things out for yourself and know.

Your freedom and true quality lies within this.