Tense to relax!

Many ideas work.

Many ideas do not work at the same time. 🙂

Our job is to find and make up what works for us right now and see what does not. But further, We must understand why things do not work so we can learn from them. Only then, we can move past them.

If you feel your movement does not continue, if you feel tense when confronted with resistance, You need to make friends with your tension.

Begin with a solo practice of shadow fighting. Imagine being attacked and move to handle the situation but with your body slightly tensed on purpose. This allows us to further understand the tension and as you repeat this practice, you can increase the tension until you are fully tensed up but still moving. Keep breathing calmly though to keep the practice healthy and then you can move on to add partner work.

Have a partner attack you lightly and move with them using light tension. Do so with care and listen to your breath at all times. Make the drill about being tense in the body and relaxed in the mind and thus you can progress to the next level of tension and more until you can move fully tensed.

Next tense just a part of yourself and move in solo movement and then with a partner while maintaining the tension. Change body parts from time to time and enjoy the imbalance as it will bring you within yourself faster than a balanced practice. It is poison fighting poison to a degree.

Making friends with fear and tension is not an easy or short task to undertake. It is however, a very beneficial practice and it will give you many gifts over time.

Podcast 4 – Making friends with fear

Topic – Important points in the whole

Text: Litany against fear from the book Dune

“I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

  1. Why teach to do the least harm instead of maximum harm in a conflict
  2. Why we should respect and pay attention to our feet and soles more
  3. The importance of daily calisthenics
  4. Why we should spend time with what we fear instead of pushing it to the back of the head

All the rage

we train on controlled environment for safety and to gain self control. Achieving higher levels of self control comes from destabilizing from inside so we unravel the ability to ride the wave of rage both up and DOWN.

We all have things that bug us, that annoy us, that bring the rage in us.

Use them,

Have a partner slap the back of your head while you contend with the rising emotion and perform your chosen task from getting up and sitting down to avoiding getting struck by a third party.

Think of a bad memory, from getting run over by a tank (long story) to a crying baby at night and again, let the emotion run its course and use that energy to do what needs to be done instead of holding it bottled up and letting it surface in another manner.

Imagine a foe in front of you from a bad teacher in your past to Ra’s al Ghul. Let the emotion of hate, loathing and rage come up and use that energy to better move and navigate the thoughts inside.

Within all these drills, one thing remains.

Breathe with the emotion instead of trying to control it.

What we hold, holds us in its grip. Remember this.

And a special note from my son:

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Hard contact

There is a buffer between real violence and training and there has to be one to allow progress both mental and physical.

Many martial arts today rely on padded surfaces and body padding. This allows for higher throws in practice and greater force exerted in contact in striking and impact.

There is however also negative in this sport application. It is we do not know how to move our bodies on hard surfaces and most do not know how to strike and get struck with no padding. Bone and flesh.

Give yourself the gift of the hard floor and the wall.

Learn to place your body from standing up to laying down on hard ground first slowly and then with awareness and smoothness it will become faster naturally and you will gain a real world ability.

Stand in front of a wall ( A good one. Many crumble) and place your hand and then fist on it. Learn to push first and to sink second and allow the entire body to become one.

There is no limit except what we place on ourselves and hard contact allow us to open new awareness and ability inside us.

Start slow and start now.

An inclusive take on everyday training

Time is the true commodity. Here are eight drills that hide within daily actions to sharpen and hone the movement ability of us all.

1.Slowly increase the distance you take to throw the trash into the trash bin (Be extra careful with weird shaped objects, they fly differently)

2. Walk up the stairs at night without turning on the lights and use the soles of your feet and your skin sense of air movement to measure where you are.

3. Write your notes on paper without looking at it while you are moving the pen on the paper. Give yourself time and if you are a doctor, practice this first on something that is not a prescription.

4. Once a day, Guess the number of steps it will take you to go from A to B and see how close you were to the mark. Improvement comes from conscious experience.

5. Look up every night and note the state of the moon, stars and clouds. Guess what will present itself the following night and with time your senses will hone themselves to the weather.

6. Teach yourself to write with the other hand (apologizes if you come from combat engineering and it does not apply) Wiring your brain to be ambidextrous is a great gift in the long run.

7. Find actions you perform with a brace and a breath hold. For example: opening the bottle of Coca Cola after the weight lifter of the office closed it and find a way to do it with minimal muscle tension and continuous breathing.

8. Use your nose to smell your food before you start eating and your car before you turn it on. Using your sense of smell can help your stomach prepare the right activation for a healthier digestion and also avoid some car bombs and driving with a leaky car.

Podcast 3 – What is best in life

Topics – What is important?

Taken from the movie Conan the barbarian:

 Question to Conan: What is best in life?  

Answered later by King Osric: There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison,and all that is left is a father’s love for his child.

  1. Why I give “techniques”funny names
  2. Why the goal is never success in the drill but the process
  3. Why health is superior to fitness
  4. Why two on one is more beneficial than one on one in movement
  5. Why I do not want my students to trust me but believe themselves
  6. Why you should never play “Let it go” as the timer for static push up fun… 😊