One a day

Here is a simple way to cover all bases.

Take one movement and one time interval and do this everyday.

You only have to make one choice and then you are done until tomorrow.

Choose what you least want to work on and you will progress in the fastest manner. We shy from our weaknesses and making friends with them will give you resilience beyond measure.


Day 1: 10 minutes of moving between laying down and standing up with only one leg touching the ground.

Day 2: 10 minutes of square breath work

Day 3: 10 minutes of slow basic movements like pushups and squats

Day 4: 10 minutes of moving and turning on fists and feet close to the ground

Day 5: 10 minutes of walking silently in various heights while maintaining a straight upright back

Day 6: 10 minutes of juggling tennis balls

Day 7: 10 minutes of shadow fighting

Repeat and always strive to grow.

How to learn and improve from injury/illness

We are sick and injured from time to time and it is a hidden gift in reminding us of our mortality and we learn to move with and around those areas and come out of the tunnel even stronger and in better neural and mental shape.


The cement mixer: torso

Sit on your behind and have your legs together and your back straight in the air. Use your breath as tempo and rotate your legs in the air in small circles in one direction and then in the other. It may help to do circles with your arms as well.

The doorway into heaven: shoulders

Stand in front of a stout door-frame. Place your palms on the inside of the frame and do a standing push up as you press the arms outward.

Repeat the push up with the back of the palms and then with the sides of the hands and alter the angle to fit the tension needed.

Rope ladder: Legs and arms

Hold a looped rope in one hand straight overhead and place the bottom of the loop to hold the middle of the sole of the opposite leg. Press the leg downward as the arm and shoulder deliver resistance and reverse it on the way up. Keep your spine and head neutral to keep the work where you want it to be.

The exorcist: spine, back and leg tension balance

Lie on your back with your behind almost touching a wall and your legs straight but not locked resting on the wall. Inhale and roll your shoulders out as you raise your hips up and push your heels against the wall into a bridge that is wall supported. You can do this two legged or one leg at a time and even roll from this to your stomach. Keep your head from pressing to the ground and let your spine and hips decompress.