Stand and check the limits of your sight up down and to the sides. Avoid missing what you do not see behind under or above and check for reflective and shadow surfaces and movements to inform you of something out of your direct sight. tense and relax your face and eyes and see if that helps you seem more in any way. Sit down in the same spot you were standing and note what you gain and what you loose from this vantage point. Check if your neck is relaxed or is your posture sacrificing something for something else. Lie down in the same spot and again work on what you can see more now and what is no longer in your direct sight. Avoid having your own body in the way of your sight such as pointing arms or loose garments and hair if you have any and consider how you can use what you have amassed to create a more true and complete understanding of the situation. Have you now more knowledge of the shadows and mirrors and the structure of what is around you. Does tensing the eyes and face aid in getting more information. Does tensing the neck help in any way.

leg freedom Three drills

1 Solo work: Stand on one leg and draw the numbers from 1 to 20 and than erase them backwards (in reverse) with one end of your foot and than with the other. Do the same with your knee and with the other leg. Change positions at will with the ground leg as it aid in no way to create discomfort in yourself.

2 Solo work: lie on the ground and relax your upper body. Use your legs and waist alone to move your body from X to Y and to turn and direct yourself this way and the next.

3 Partner work: look forward and up and and stand in a slight angle to your partner. as he moves move to place your foot where he intended to place his and offering no resistance add a sideways movement to his leg letting his structure collapse. after a while doing this drill have your partner stand behind you and use your breathing to clean the anticipation from your body and mind. Have your partner touch your legs with his without any pressure and once in a while have him place all his mass on the contact by lifting his other leg allowing you to experience a lot of resistance to your current structure. keep breathing and allow all your body to move blending with and directing the force given by your partner so you are less affected and escape without braking contact with him. Repeat this drill until you can move without tensing up and control the situation without letting the first contact raise your tension levels. Keep breathing and relax your eyes.