Classes in Israel

school schedule


Month worth of learning with our school in Israel

Come to all classes and special events during one month or take any nine classes (17+ hours of learning) you wish according to your busy schedule. Come and learn.


Hello all,

Here are the current regular classes we hold each week.

There are also private lessons to the interested and from time to time we hold a themed Saturday lesson in changing locations.

Map to class: (Regular Classes are held in Tel Aviv in two locations)

There is ample parking and buses that stop at the area and it is also two minutes from the beach.



friday class

Times and dates:

Tuesday  1800-1930 בגן הכובשים Martial art and natural movement

Friday 1400-1500 פארק הירקון רחוב קוסובסקי 12   Natural movement and health

Friday 1500-1630 פארק הירקון רחוב קוסובסקי 12  Martial art and natural movement

view from Friday class

We welcome all good men and women to class. Children (below 18) are considered on their maturity due to the risks involved in martial movement and thought.