Questions and answers

In this page, I invite anyone to post a question in the comments below and I will do my best to answer.

Q What does it mean to start the movement from the breath?

A Breath is internal movement and both an activation and release of internal diaphragms and skeletal muscles. It affects the entire body all the time and constitution the entire span of tension and movement speed. It is mechanically and emotionally easier to continue than to begin out of nothing. Thus when we become aware of the internal movement within, we are always continuing to move and become smoother and from that faster and efficient.

Q How do I train if I don’t have time and people to train with?

Start by moving without excess, mind the noise in your steps, the contact made with everything from placing a cup on the counter to pushing a door open.

Continue by listening to your own breath, feel it in your torso and move with it. Let your breath be it either inhale or exhale start each motion when possible and always use common sense.

Expand to listening to all your senses and aiming to see others, not as yourself but as individuals who differ in thought and function. Through that, you will gain the wisdom of seeing things as they are.

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