Ten Commandments for internal guidance

All the ideas are demonstrated and practiced by all during the work

1. Accept everything as an opportunity to do good for you and others.
(A fist coming your way is an opening in another location and a leg in your path is a place to turn your adversary toward another vista)

2. Response is akin to a wall returning a ball. Choose what you want and let you actions reflect it.
(All reactions echo as sounds from a drum. They are heard only once beaten. Continue to breathe and have what makes sense in mind (life, love, a good sandwich) and you will be able to make choices even under duress)

3. There are many ways to reach your destination. Insisting on one way locks you in a cage.
(An arm blocks your path to enter your vehicle. You choose among infinite options to try to push it aside or slide under it or use it as support and at the same time taking your adversary off his position)

4. Perception is always personal.
(A shout or a curse can change the atmosphere between people regardless of what the aim was and a hand wrapping around your neck can be a friend or a foe. Remember your memories and present are seen through a lens of who you are and your history. This will open the door to seeing things as they are)

5. It is redundant to always know the way before you begin
(Navigation and problem solving are shown in steps leading from A to B. People tend to act only when they have a full set of instructions and avoid exploration and finding their way. You are always somewhere and going somewhere. Not doing anything is also a choice but you may compose a puzzle without knowing what the picture is by taking small steps one breath at a time.)

6. Resistance is action and so is just moving yourself
(Pushing and pulling and twisting are actions on objects and people. They work if the resistance is lower than your strength and direction. You can also choose to just move your body without tensing your structure so you have more freedom and less dependence on support from what is around you)

7. A working path to success will reveal its rational when seen from the broad perspective
(Does it seem natural to stab yourself? It does not. Does it seem natural to give a helping ladder to climb to an adversary outside your house? Also no. With this broad reasoning you can see how you can enter a contact with harmony in mind instead of discord during a knife fight. Aid the incoming knife toward you with your natural movement and see how you are in control of yourself and from that affect your contact)

8. Fear and pain exist for the same reason satisfaction and pleasure do
(Feelings of the body and those of the heart run from fear to joy and from pain to pleasure but on the same scale of human experience. They exist to let us know of the correlation of our actions to the anticipated result and those who can distinguish the results from the anticipation will suffer less)

9. Leaning on your strengths deepens your weaknesses
(We use our apparent traits to get what we want. Leaning on a quality of what we think is strong from speed to technique will reveal to others where you are not paying attention and from that they will enter unnoticed. This will manifest in speech and movement alike and may create self-injuries from overuse of chosen movements over others that remain dormant)

10. Your field of sight determines your goals. Your goals filters your perception of reality
(Pursuing short term goals will lead to success at them at best. A fight you win is just that but a fight you evolve to a friend or a lesson is further reaching in your own development. When your focus is captured by a mosquito you are not your own master. A man who can keep his calm under fire will be a better aid to his brothers in arms)

Sharon Friedman 2014

Vigilance and Tranquility.

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  1. Shalom Sharon, I just realized I hadn’t seen any emails from your blog recently and found you had changed your website are you still sending out drills etc can I assume the box at the bottom of this query form is for that purpose?I have found Systema Israel helpful and informative thank you.


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