What we do in class

Here are a few goals we strive for in the classes and workshops :

1. Increase your base level of awareness – We work to increase our awareness to ourselves and to our surroundings without increasing tension. The more we see and feel both within and outside of ourselves, the better we can work with the situation and avoid making things go the wrong way.

2. Health – We work to place all the systems of the body in harmony. Make connective tissue and joints work better and grow stronger and manage and develop the nervous system to it’s full potential which includes balance, agility, coordination and more.

3. Decision making – Being strong fast and healthy is nothing if you are making bad decisions. We work on being in the moment but not stuck in it. You learn to work for the long term goals instead of being controlled by your impulses and someone else’s causes.

4. Just play – There is nothing you need to memories in what we do. We learn to build our inner awareness to our bodies thoughts and feelings and from the freedom coming from self knowledge we learn to improvise and just play. Nothing is set up and no one tells you how to move. Instead, we learn to feel our way and make ourselves the key to open all locks.

How do we do it ?

Lessons usually start with a few questions that develop into a beginning drill of basic movement patterns and from that we develop increasing levels of freedom and ability.

There is work where we work on our health and understanding of how humans move. We work on our awareness to breathing and tension in the body and we just improvise each solution in the moment so we are always free and learning.

What we do not do ?

1. No Ranking everyone is doing the same drills and work and each one learns what they need at that moment for himself or herself.

2. No memorization – There is no set of movements or responses to memorize. There is no one solution to find for the presented problem and there is no right or wrong in the class as long as you are learning.

3. No aggression – Please do not misunderstand. There is a lot of contact and you will have a fist in your face on a regular basis. What you will not have, is a desire to harm anyone or control anyone. We work for self control through awareness and on doing the least amount of harm if at all, in order to solve the situation without attachment to someone else’s anger or fear.

4. No uniform – Come as you wish (I suggest long pants and simple clothes) to class and as long as your health and safety is not in risk, Long earrings and other such threats to your body and another’s health are removed before class.

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