The daily basics

There are endless drills and complications but just as we need to first know the time when we look at a watch face, we need to take care of the basics in health and movement.

Here is a collection of basic solo drills to be done on a daily basis or at least twice a week 🙂

  1. Rolling – Roll from sitting, roll from kneeling, roll from standing and roll from movement. – Rolling cleans tension from our frames and keeps us smooth in letting go of tension.
  2. Walking on fists – Walk on fists and feet – forward and back, side to side, close to the ground and high, facing up and down, in a bridge and in hops and bounds – walking on our fists in many ways keeps our limbs moving as one with the body and keeps our frame dynamic in tension and alignment.
  3. Hanging – Hold onto a branch or pipe and breathe. Let your body open and your limbs to move unencumbered in the air. – This allows the joints to strengthen and breathe, the spine to decompress and the hands to form and strengthen.
  4. Walking – Walk every day. Walk low and walk in all directions, walk super quietly and walk in strange and funny ways. Walking is the basic human movement and investing time in your walking pattern and tension will pay dividends for the rest of your life.
  5. Breath pyramid – inhale and exhale for higher and higher counts of heartbeats and climb down the same way. – This opens and releases tension in the breathing apparatus and helps open the body for greater ranges of motion within.
  6. Listening to your heart – Continue to do whatever it is you are doing unless you are saving or endangering a life 🙂 and add paying attention to your pulse all around the body. This takes work but pays back in dividends in awareness and in health that comes from releasing excess and being where and when you are.
  7. Use your head – Use whatever method suits you and release yourself from the hold of the moment you are in – what is it you really want to do ? What are your thoughts and feelings and what is imposed on you from the outside ? Freedom starts between the ears and cannot end at a healthy body, although it helps 🙂


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