movement patterns

We all have limited time between family, work and the X dream.

Here are my suggestions for movement patterns that give the best bang for the buck and why. Each pattern will receive a video to explain how to work it with suggestions and Q&A.

  1. Crawling – place yourself on the ground and for a little while forget your limbs. Breathe and move your body to propel yourself back and forward and from side to side. Turn yourself and do the same on your other side. This will rewire your movement pattern to move from the center onward and build a healthy locomotion that nothing else can replace.
  2. Rolling – Sit down and relax both your breathing, eyes and spinal muscles so you gently go flat and continue seamlessly to crawling and back up to sitting. Releasing your structure is not letting go but letting loose. Experience the embrace of gravity instead of fighting it. Continue to climb higher and higher on this track until your are walking and able to release in any direction and any heading.
  3. moving on four limbs – squat and place your fists or palms on the ground. Use the movements of crawling and rolling to shift your mass through breath and awareness to your structure and move in all directions on your four limbs. Increase the depth of your work by extending the distance between the limbs and the body while in movement and remember to let your breath lead. This will rewire you to work on the move and to avoid moving from support and start moving from within.
  4. Walking – Stand with your legs under your hips and use the movements learned before to release your structure forward first and once this is moving fluidly, progress to all other directions. Release the tension in your hips and legs that keeps you in place and use the release not evenly but in a rolling fashion so each movement is followed by the same in the mirroring body part and each step holds within it the next.
  5. Ropes and ladders – climbing and moving in trees, on ropes and so on is the next step. Move with the least amount of activation up and down and sideways on the platform of your choice (I suggest starting with a good rope over a steady branch) and let the movement reveal naturally how to swing, use dynamic tension, hang, keep your eyes free from following and much more.

Deep learning program

Movement, Awareness, health and martial art. Specialized learning program material and follow through for your specific needs. Video and text to accompany the learning and a Q&A for the duration and afterwards.