Programs and products


Here are several of the offerings of our school. Write us if you have any questions and requests.

Contact me

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Month worth of learning with our school in Israel

Come to all classes and special events during one month or take any nine classes (22+ hours of learning) you wish according to your busy schedule. Come and learn.

300.00 ₪

Deep learning program

Movement, Awareness, health and martial art. Specialized learning program material and follow through for your specific needs. Video and text to accompany the learning and a Q&A for the duration and afterwards.


Tension Movement Play

Our schools first DVD. (run time 90 minutes) A three part course: 1. Understanding Tension – How to breathe and use tension for greater awareness and health 2. Understanding Movement – How to move the body in a healthy and calming way to increase natural ability, avoid injury and do the work with less grind and effort. 3. Understanding Play – How to use games with examples to bring out the principles into reality and how to shave the rough path into a smooth road inside and out. This is a download program. The video is in HD and filmed outside near the Hayarkon river in Israel.


Knowledge Blocks

An hour, one on one with me online in HD where I give you specific knowledge adapted to your needs and to what you want to progress with. The subject can be anything you like from breath work to knives and making your body more resilient to life.


24 Hours

A full day with me. We will learn, talk, practice and develop toward your goals and improve on your paradigms, movement, breathing and everything in between. Sometime a day can change everything.