Vigilance and Tranquility – Sharon Friedman

All moments can bring us forward. We must let them teach us the lesson or die a little.

Welcome to my school. Together we learn to release what we do not need and embrace our innate intuition and grace through breath, natural movement, physical discussion and humor.

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A balance of strength

Strength gives way to capability. We aim for strength but we usually forget to aim for a balance of strength. Our bodies are made for forward motion mostly, for climbing, running, swimming and working with tools for building and war. Balance in strength allows our bodies to manifest our will in movement over time instead … Continue reading A balance of strength


Coordination and coordination under pressure are related sets of skills. I was playing with my son Gideon and together we came up with a set of drills for coordination under pressure. Here is the progression. Stand and hold a tennis ball in your hand. Throw it from rib height to eye height along with your … Continue reading Co-ordination