Vigilance and Tranquility – Sharon Friedman

All moments can bring us forward. We must let them teach us the lesson or die a little.

Welcome to my school. Together we learn to release what we do not need and embrace our innate intuition and grace through breath, natural movement, physical discussion and humor.

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Dangerous Games for dangerous times

Our brains are composed of layers. They have names which carry meanings for every breathing human. The trick is to have the layers working together and not against one another. conformity, Fear, anger, pain. All of them are tools and energy to be used or discarded at the right time. We all make these choices.…

An antidote to fear

Take an attack and watch each and every martial art have their own response to it. Many have similarities and all have their own twists on the answer to the question, Will this be my last day? When asked a question, we also answer it with our own filters of what exists. Our own paradigms…

The push vs hit question

The mechanics of pushing and pulling are simple and obvious. We create a platform of tension whether dynamic or static using our frame and from that we use body and limbs and sometimes our heads to apply pressure extending and contracting our muscles and through our joints and bone structure. Things are more complex as…