Uneven breathing

We tend to even things out with carrying groceries in each hand or bringing our breathing to the same intervals or pulse timing for the inhale exhale and sometimes to the pauses between them.
Consider working on uneven phases of breath to learn to work with this imbalance and letting the tension this builds release with the growing knowledge of self through the work.

Start with writing numbers from one to ten or twenty depending on your comfort at the moment with no linear connection between them.
Inhale and exhale according to the numbers letting the inhale and exhale match each other but changing depth and length of the breath from one whole cycle to the next.
Next repeat the drill but have one inhale be the first number and the exhale the next. This way you advance in releasing the hold balance has on you and freedom in movement and temperament (how the outside affects your mood) from the outside reveals itself.
Next add the pauses between inhale and exhale with the random numbers and when you curse me remember to be kind especially if you go for the twenty and more in the number spread.
Next add simply walking a step per heartbeat if you allow for it to lead the movement or use one of the basic four drills and repeat the number drills first just inhale and exhale and then adding the pauses in between as you push up with the same count or do leg raises along the exhale.
Next do a different drill from the four basics with each breath phase.
Lie down and tense and relax your body parts one by one and in waves to feel how tension changes form in your body as you release this master key of breath.

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