Rope and Chain though for better obstacle work

This drill is fun and great for children and adults alike.

We take a rope long enough to hold in both hands as the middle is on the ground.

Pass through forward and back. make the rope between your hands shorter by two fingers widths. Repeat.

As you progress, you will find it harder and harder to pass through. Use the angles of the body to pass and moving your legs and hips beyond the linear path.

You can see a chain version of this drill in this video:

and there is a second part with much more work:

Take a chain (a rope with young kids) which reaches the ground from your hand relaxed standing. Have one or more partners come at you to grab you and you move your body to swing the chain at them so they avoid you. You keep your body relaxed and your arm touching your body so you learn what you can do with just your body.
After everyone has done the drill replace the chain with a dull knife and do this again adding moving the arm from the elbow down and again see what you can do with just this.

To show how important thinking of yourself first and others later in terms of space have your partners try to grab and lift you off the ground (add a trunk to this drill if you and your partners are willing) and see how you manage with large movements with arms fully extended in reaction in contrast to placing yourself where if fits you in space and using the least amount of movement in the limbs and body to control others.

Take a chain and hold it tight between your hands in front of you and squat down. Listen to the chain sounds and try to keep it tight as the shoulders remain relaxed. Now roll forward and backwards and side to side as you keep the tightness of the chain and this will teach you to keep both tense and relax as you move and to place your body better according to what you have with you. Remember not to lean on your hands on the way down. It is the same as bending forward to hit. It means you are afraid to move your body in some direction (unless you do this on purpose) breath and relax from the feet up and see how the roll happens. Avoid trying to create something that is in your mind and note what you have already. This is a good way to avoid death.

Another drill is to hold the chain ends relaxed in both hands and walk in the squat moving with the breath and working to come closer to a friend who is listening. If he hears you you have to go all the way and start again. This is a way to relax and focus on the same time. Be aware of all your parts.

Take a rope or a belt and hold it under your armpits. use your body movement and transfer it from side to side and front to back using just your body and arms till your elbows. Next take the belt and hold it in your elbows and move it around. now hold it at a comfortable distance in your fists and see where you can go with it and with a partner defend yourself by moving with the belt. From time to time shorten the distance between fists and see how you learn from this.
It is also good to check how you work in tight places like under a door or sitting next to a table. Giving yourself limitations lets you find new ways to move and solve problems. This way you have a better sense of movement and intuition when a problem arises.
Take your metal chain and hold it in both hands. Drop one end and let it drape on one of your feet. Do this a few times and note how it moves and change your angle and tension to direct the chain where you want it to go (for example not between your legs Laughing)

Do this with eyes closed and while walking and change the angles and the direction of the hand that is still holding the chain. For another option let loose of both ends or parts at different times and see how you keep moving and avoid getting harmed.

Life is as long as your breath. Keep breathing.

This is a great way to teach children to move and defend themselves in a game way. Give two kids a jump rope or a long belt and each one holds one end. Now they try to loop it around the others neck (without giving it too much pull) as the other moves first with just the body and neck and than with the hand that is free and than with everything. you can also have a two on one where one kid holds two rope ends and two other kids work with him and so on. Adults can do this too with the same effect and move later on to the chain which is less kid friendly.