Wear clothes you do not care too much for and have a partner do the same. Walk around each other and check where you can hold onto the clothes and slowly pull and push and twist. Use first only one hand and than both.
Now have one person walk  and you walk alongside him and than you hold onto his clothes and change direction of your walk. Feel with your hands where he is less full and aid him in meeting the ground. Don’t forget that the work is never over and guide him so he is not looking at you and his legs are not in kicking position toward you.
Now repeat the drill only you close your eyes and he comes and bumps into you and than you start to work. Remember to use the collar for chocking, the pockets for twisting and pulling and above all your own movement. Keep moving and you will find a way.

Take all your shoes and sandles and put them on one by one. With each pair sit down and get up without using your hands in at least two different ways and than do the same as you hold a stick behind you with your elbow pits.

This is a very silly thing to do until you find you cannot do something simply because of your shoes.