Take a knife and gently push it into your body. Relax your hips and roll to avoid the stab and as you go down hit the partner or where it should be to defend yourself. Get back up and check where your eyes are pointing and repeat. If you have a partner to do this with it will be better so if you don’t have a systema partner have your wife or kid push a pen into your flesh and if you don’t move relaxed have her line you in blue or red Innocent (do avoid hitting the wife and child, a tickle is just as good in this case since you have to place your hand relaxed to land the desired result)

Another solo or partner drill is to take a stick and sweep it through your legs. Lift the leg closer to it and move your body to blend with it and to control it. Remember that if you stay in place you are following his lead and not avoiding the fist. Remember to land soft on hard on this one or learn through the work…

Take a knife you use daily like a kitchen knife or your belt knife and hold it in your hand. Keep the arm in one line (while relaxed) and start to move it in circles around your body. Use your fingers and wrist to keep the blade facing along the movement and do this without looking at the blade. Do this overhead and at your back and this will help in your relaxation and in making the knife work for you. Remember to do this also in grips you are not used to. If you always keep the knife facing forward than switch the grip from time to time so you will learn to use the tool in any way possible. You don’t know how you will have a chance to pick it up next time.

Take several knives from small to large and hold one in your hand. Place the other hand on your wrist and check where can you reach with the knife when held. Change your position and height of the hand (overhead, shoulder height, at the back, fully extended etcetera) and change the way and height of the holding hand. If you can do the same with a partner and do it also when you are sitting down and getting up. It is a good drill to get away from holds and paying attention to the whole. Relax your eyes and face and let the solution come to you.