Take a shovel or another semi sharp object and a partner. Have your partner lie on the ground facedown and place one fist on him. Now push the blade into him using the other hand and his job is to evade the blade with his body first and limbs and head if need be. Work slow and tense up on purpose to recognize and control the effects of fear. Do the same while you are face up and place most of your mass on the fist so your partner will learn to relax and move under pressure.

Do the same while sitting and against a wall and than while walking as you hit and than work with the shovel or in any combination you like. Remember not to organize your attacks and movements and don’t give them names. This way you remain free and unlimited.
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Give a friend of yours a long stick and ask him to push you with the end of the stick. Ask him or her to push high and low and at first you will tense up the place you are pushed at and than relax and move while aligned with the push. After you feel you have something with this move to evading after you tense and relax and slowly make the tension less powerful. After a while return to the start so you can compare and than have one or more people push you as you stay aligned.
If your partner is willing work to touch and drop your partner as he moves with the stick or work with another object to defend yourself against a wall. To work in the same manner only with pulling use a shovel or a regular curved ended umbrella.

Relax your face and eyes.
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