May times we will be concerned about our way. Does it really work? Am I spending my time properly ? Ask yourself these questions honestly and see what you come up with. Do not take this as a set course or something we do.  For example if you had a bad day in class and nothing worked or you felt you were getting hit more than usual. Learn from that experience and you can move on to other mistakes or maybe it was not about mistakes or decitions. Sometimes you will get hurt no matter what you do. Such is life. If you accept this (Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself) than you can stop feeling sorrry for yourself and do something about it. If lets say you are in an embarrassing situation, you can join the fun by leading the laugh rather than sulk. If you are in a bad situation, you can sometimes escape and live by making it worse. For example. A person who is attacked by a rappist notices that the rappist has very clean clothes and is rather dainty. He or she (more likely she but not always) may get away by making themselves untouchble by rolling in sewer or soiling themselves. If you free yourself from the ego or a picture of what should happen you can be inventive and live better. this as all principle applies to everything. In the Japanese arts Musashi writes in the end of each instruction that you need to practice diligently. You are alive and if you are aware and moving naturally, breathing and aligned with both your beliefs and the earth than every breath is a movement further into a better life.

Stand and start to sway from side to side. Keep the motion on one flat angele and change it from time to time. As you go add the different parts of the body to the movement to make it whole. If you are swaying from side to side. moving weight from leg to leg you can transfer or manifest the wave in the hips than in the torso and than in the arms and the head. A lot of people tend to isolate the head and keep it floating along as they move. Like a dog in the water 🙂 to move naturally you accept that things will effect you and by choosing to move, you avoid stiffening up and can survive or encoumpass more. 

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